Casey Kasem Not Mentally Capable Of Making Decisions, Daughter Says

Posted on October 4th, 2013 at 10:05 am


As the family fight between Casey Kasem's wife and his kids gets nastier, new information is being revealed about the radio legend.

RumorFix has confirmed with a family friend that Casey's daughter, Julie Kasem and her husband are planning to file for conservatorship over the 81-year-old if Casey's wife, Jean Kasem, doesn't let them see their dad.

Julie is a physician's assistant.

Earlier this week, when the children, Casey's brother and long-time friends staged a protest in front of the Kasem home, Kerri Kasem -- another daughter -- revealed to police that her father was not mentally capable of making his own decisions. In our video below, Kerri is heard saying, "He smiles -- we hug him and we love him ... He's aware that we are there."

Casey has severe Parkinson's, but Kerri adds, "He doesn’t have any kind of dementia that would not allow him to know who were are. He’s very sick."

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