Cameron Diaz plays the ‘I’m A Girl’ Card On Paparazzi While Out Jogging

Posted on October 15th, 2013 at 4:56 pm

CamdiazThere might be new laws preventing the paparazzi from stalking celebrities but Cameron Diaz prefers a more old fashioned approach.

The There's Something About Mary star recently quizzed a photog who snapped her image while she was out jogging in Boston.

But instead of going on a Kanye West style rant the 41-year-old blonde beauty played up the fact that she belongs to the fairer sex.

An observer told RumorFix: "Cameron calmly told the guy 'look I'm a girl and I don't like to be followed'.

"The ironic part was that before the conversation she had flipped the guy off and kept her head down as soon as she spotted the photographer.

"In fact she had a bodyguard with her to, so, there was really no reason for her to feel vulnerable or anything."

After her showdown with the shutterbug Cameron and her companion carried-on with their run through the bustling streets of Boston.

The actress has been dating Jason Segel in recent times with the pair currently working on the film Sex Tape together.

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