AshLee Frazier: I Thought My Dad Uncovered A Sex Secret About Michael Garofola !

Posted on October 17th, 2013 at 10:18 am

ashlee1Bachelor Alum Ashlee Frazier has found love with handsome Bachelorette contestant Michael Garofola.

But the fledgling relationship was almost derailed early after Ashlee thought her dad had discovered a sex secret about her new guy!

She explained to RumorFix: "When I sent my father the first photograph that Michael and I had taken together I was excited to hear what he thought.

"My dad responded 'I saw the bondage photo' which made me nervous that he had uncovered something questionable about Michael's past on Google or something.

"But after I quizzed him further he revealed he was referring to the photo of us because it appeared as though our wrists were tied together - we had posed with our 'dukes up' as if were were squaring-up for a fight.

"Michael laughed when he heard about my dad's reaction and he was relieved his secrets are still safe!"

Ashlee is hoping that her relationship with Michael will pan-out after she was rejected by Sean Lowe on The Bachelor and at the moment the pair are getting along really well.

Ironically, when a friend first told her about him she was reluctant to get involved with Michael who had tried to win Desiree Hartsock's heart.

She adds: "My first reaction was no way am I dating another guy from The Bachelor - I have been there, done that, and was over it.

"Then I met him and realized that would be absolutely foolish, he's extremely smart, well spoken, carries himself with class and supports my dreams and goals."

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