Amanda Markert’s Friends Come To Her Defense After Pauly D’s Parenting Accusations

Posted on October 24th, 2013 at 9:12 am
True amabella9Following the revelation that Amanda Markert is the mother of DJ Pauly D's five-month-old daughter, the former Jersey Shore star dropped hints through several gossip sites that he will now be seeking full custody of the girl while accusing Amanda of being a bad mother. Despite the fact that the two had a one night stand that resulted in five-month-old baby Amabella and the identity of her father was only determined recently. RumorFix tried to get in touch with her friends Wednesday but many of them didn't want to comment and were really protective of Amanda.  We've gotta admit, she has a really solid and loyal group of people in her life. But some of those friends are finally breaking their silence via Twitter regarding the baby's custody. Dawn Kaplan-Taylor proclaimed "Those hundred dollar bills (in a TMZ circulated photo with baby Amabella) certainly didn't come from him. He has done ABSOLUTELY nothing. Do you people believe he's just finding out? Faker. Maybe we can keep an eye on him and guide him toward more fatherly ways. Like not lying about your child's mother. PROTECT HER" She continued "ALWAYS BE A DEFENDER AND PROTECTOR OF YOUR CHILDS MOTHER. ENCOURAGE DONT DISCOURAGE. She has never said anything negative about you so return the favor D" "Saying NO COMMENT kills me. But they will twist the good and make It bad". PREVIOUS: NEW DETAILS - Is This The Photo Of The Day Baby Mama Amanda Markert Hooked Up With Pauly D?

Keri Ehlert joined Twitter overnight to let her views be known to Amanda, stating " I love you. Stay strong. The truth will come out. I wish nothing but positive. I hope one day he can get off of the publicity BS and be a Dad. If he can't let go of the 15 minutes I hope ...Correction: I hope he can be man enough to step back and let his daughter have a drama free (no price) life."

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Friend Rachel Medina returned to her Twitter after a year-and-a-half away from the social media site.  She replied" I love you Amanda you are beautiful inside and out and you are an amazing mother! We have your back. Always here for you xoxo"amabella19

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    1. LondonReader says:

      What a cute baby!! I hope Pauly smartens up and CO-parents with the mom, instead of trying to take the little girl from her mother.

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