Amanda Markert Rants To Pauly D – Now Our Baby Will Know You Wanted To Abort Her

Posted on October 25th, 2013 at 10:48 am

amabella19Amanda Markert has set the record straight on how the Pauly D baby battle has brought turmoil into her life.

The 26-year-old forensic psychology student was thrust into the national spotlight this week when the Jersey Shore alum revealed to the media that he fathered a five-month-old girl.  Amanda had been living in anonymity in southern New Jersey with their daughter Amabella and an older son from a previous relationship, while working at a casino and going to school.

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"Looks like any chances of utilizing my degree towards a positive career and future for my kids is now ruined bc of the media..." she began. "I kept this a secret from everyone BUT him for a reason, the best interests of my children. It's not my fault he told."

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And she addressed the rumors that the DJ wanted her to get an abortion when he heard she was pregnant but that she was trying to use texts between the pair about the topic as a weapon against him.

"The 'texts' were NEVER brought up by me. He told media that too. And who gets hurt out of all the negative he has put out there? The baby girl. And when she reads about her father wanting her aborted, it's going to damage her little heart."

She ended it a plea to Pauly D to "stop putting negative out there! For the sake of the little girl."



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    1. DW456 says:

      Anyone notice the peeling paint behind the basket? I’m sure both of these people wll make excellent parents…not. Poor child will be brought up by D-rate celebrities and likely become one herself.

      • Mark My Words says:

        I’m not defending this woman, but the “peeling paint” behind the basket is a prop meant to contrast with the other materials ie the satin rosettes on the blanket & headband, the pearls & the woven cocoon she’s wrapped in, creating interesting textures.

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