VIDEO: Robin Williams Opens Up About Booze Relapse To Jon Stewart

Posted on September 27th, 2013 at 9:57 am


robin5Comedian Robin Williams made a hilarious appearance on the Daily Show With Jon Stewart Thursday night and got candid about his relapse with alcohol.  And only Robin could make the harrowing experience such a funny story to tell.

The Oscar winner was on the show to promote his new CBS sitcom The Crazy Ones and recounted how he fell off the wagon after 20 years of sobriety.  He said he was up in Alaska and was in a store and bought a little bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey and said to himself "I'll be fine, I'll be okay.  And the moment I had that first sip it was like....RAWR...welcome back baby!"

He added "a week later I was walking down the street with ten little bottles of Jack Daniels in my pockets and I sounded like a wind chime."

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He joked to Stewart "I went down so quick I went right to blackouts - but that's a misnomer.  It's not a blackout, it's like sleepwalking with activities!"

The good news is Robin realized his problem and sought help for it.  And even better news for the Good Will Hunting actor,  his new CBS comedy drew 15.6 million viewers Thursday night  to rank as the most watched series premiere so far this season for CBS.

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    1. Luce Morales says:

      It actually makes me sick watching talk show hosts laugh at Robin Williams like they’re trying to shake money out of his ears. The man is so NOT funny.

    2. Realist says:

      Only Robin Williams can make a relapse funny!

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