‘The Walking Dead’ Preacher’s Daughter Strips Down For Maxim!

Posted on September 20th, 2013 at 4:30 am

1369106_10102205003636932_340112472_nIt may not work in diverting the attention of zombies, but it's sure working for us!

Lauren Cohan, who plays the former preacher's daughter Maggie on 'The Walking Dead', stripped down to her undies for a Maxim shoot, and she looks hot, hot, hot!!!

Cohan also dished to the publication on her secret celebrity crushed. Her crush? None other than Jeff Bridges! WHAT?! Kinda random, but whatever floats your boat, L.C.!

The actress revealed, "It's not a romantic crush, it's just kind of an everything crush. I love him as an actor. I love his voice. I love his smile. Okay, now it sounds romantic - but it's not!"

Check Lauren out on the season premiere of The Walking Dead season four October 13!


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