Surfer Dude Max Hodges Leaves TMZ

Posted on September 13th, 2013 at 7:57 pm
True max-hodges   If you watch TMZ, you may not know his name -- you simply know him as the blond surfer dude. His name is Max Hodges (just in case you're wondering.) TMZ surfer dude Max Hodges on car And after being with the TV show since the beginning, Max called it quits on Friday. In iconic Max style he tweeted, "Last day at TMZ. 8 years, been fun. Not sure what's next #keepontruckin#letsparty." PICTURES: Max Hodges Of TMZ Max made not washing your hair an art -- and he successfully interjected sexual innuendo in almost every story he pitched. The former fashion model started his TV career as a runner at Extra and when Harvey Levin started TMZ, he snatched Max right up making him one of the most famous characters in Harvey's circus. The long-haired surfer already has a job offer from The Dirty's Nik Richie. Nik tweeted, "Max come to the dark side. I got you." "Like" us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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    1. Michael says:

      I wonder iwhat’s going on at TMZ. Last month the funny gay guy, Matt Cole Weiss, left.

    2. buttforfun says:

      Thank god Matt Cole Weiss left. Little backstabbing nasty (he was)… Max was hot!

    3. Bebe says:

      How was Matt Weiss a backstabber? What did he do to his coworkers?

    4. LoLo says:

      I won’t watch TMZ anymore, no reason to.

    5. Selena says:

      Good luck MHodg the show wont be the same without you. Just a matter of time before they take it off the air. I’m tired of hearing about the Kardashians the kryptonite of black men ask Kanye & Lemar. Peace

    6. kim Christensen says:

      no way… I’ll miss him alot! he was fun on tmz … hes’ gnarly! Kim c 🙂

    7. Presouz says:

      BYE MAX!!! I hope you got a job lined up dude

    8. Mary Ann Zmuda says:

      I’m 68 years “young” and I will NOT be watching TMZ any longer…..Max is the ONLY reason I watched it. So sad to see he is gone 🙁

    9. Carroll A Peterson says:

      No Max or Matt, the show is dead

    10. Bunky Prewster says:

      So no Max, and those two annoying girls are still there. TMZ, it was fun while it lasted.

    11. D-INCARNATION says:

      I wonder if he quietly got the boot ?

    12. Areader says:

      Max was cool!

    13. Henry Rychlicki says:

      TMZ is dead without
      Max Hodges…

    14. Donna says:

      Im not watching it anymore, he was the nicest thing to look at on there,
      WE WANT MAX BACK!!!!!

    15. jk says:

      I think he got the boot…Harvey wants to be the star, so he had to clear the real star out…it wont work Harvey. I also heard, Max got sick of the bad money, asked for a raise..and Harvey blew him out. I hear Harvey is repulsive to be around.

    16. Marion Hoffman says:

      Harvey-Bring Max back-He’s the reason we all watch the show-Max or else!
      You will be losing so many fans-how could you let him go??

    17. ChaCha says:

      Max and Matt were my two favorite guys on the show…funny, smart and cute. I’m soooo over this show and the snotty and/or stupid women Harvey hangs onto.

    18. portillo says:

      I can’t believe that Max is gone, he was the show, if anyone should’ve left is that ass in the back row who thinks is Larry from the Three Stooges.

    19. Tracy Allen says:

      I still enjoy TMZ but, I miss Max 🙁

    20. Gary says:

      Max was ok , but he’s not the whole show. I’ll continue to watch, and enjoy the other people still there. I’ll also continue to HATE the 2 spoiled bitches who sit front and center. Can’t stand them!!! , but I do love the show over all.

      • jojo says:

        Yeah I agree, also those girls are annoying, ESP dark hair one, her voice omg. The are useless, someone should write in about them, then have Harvey or Charles read it. Good luck Max!

    21. Soni33426 says:

      We are no longer recording and/or watching TMZ, Max Hodges was the only light spot in the show, even when Mike made snooty comments Max was still a gentleman, we missed him immediately. P.S. When I called the 800# I was hung up on by one of the rude young persons, I refuse to call someone so rude a lady, I’m right there with Mary ann Zmuda. We like Van, but without Max , were like n,sync BYE BYE BYE . P.S. Harvey, why are you letting the good guys that are worth alot of money leave, Where is the Whistler, well that is the three guys we tuned in to watch, so again BYE BYE BYE.
      Saundra H.

    22. tmzholic says:

      WTF I was wondering my Max didn’t come out.. Show sucks without him. He was the funniest and he didn’t even have to say jokes.

    23. The Cannabis Files says:

      I have no reason to go on. My life’s over now. Max, thanks a lot!!!

      Going to recreate that last scene from “Thelma and Louise” by myself.

      • Tim says:

        Harvey Levin is a know-it-all, arrogant, self centered complete asshole. Now that Max is gone, I will no longer have a reason to watch.

      • sad nan says:

        i am so slow, i didn’t notice the ‘maxster’ was really missing till a week or 2 ago, and was hoping he had a vacation or was on assignment, or something. my sister who i turned on to the show a while back, said ‘oh, he is just off for a few days, they do that and don’t even talk about it when they come back!’ but i KNEW something was up, but didn’t google it in part since i don’t have my own computer anymore, have to use a library one (like now) or somebody else’s. but anyway, i’ll admit i thought he might be sick, since he admitted to being a drinkin’ partier and would whine about needing to plan for a future liver transplant! (perish the thought). i guess i am happy to know he left for better jobs, but i agree it must have been not such a nice parting, maybe just that
        harvey didn’t want him to go (should have offered him MAJOR moola to stay, but he’s too cheap! GOOD LUCK MAX, and i’ll keep watching to see the IRISH guy (sigh) and hope he stays on and on!

    24. TMZ-rocks says:

      Max was the star of the show on TMZ – those will be big shoes to fill for Harvey. Don’t know if there’s anyone out there that can be as outrageous and entertaining as him.

    25. smurr says:

      I only watch this show because I think that Anna chick is one of the hottest babes on TV period. I don’t care that she seems superficial and generally uninformed.

    26. Salvador Rivera says:

      max and the other guy, the originals, were awesome.. hope they do will

    27. Shamus says:

      I’m BUMMED that Max is gone, and Matt! WTF bring em back

    28. Larcred says:

      Say it isn’t so Max!! I thought maybe he was on vacation or on assignment and now I found out he is no longer there. TMZ will NOT be the same. Bring him back if possible. He made the show. There are others that I like but he was like the center attraction. Shows weren’t the same if he just had the day off.

    29. Tony__Bologna says:

      I didnt even notice he was gone till today but something did feel weird about the show… now that i know what it is it doesnt feel right

    30. dissapointed says:

      My husband thinks TMZ is really funny, and he has been a faithful viewer ever since it began. Tonight he asked me if I could “search on the computer” and find out about Matt and Max because he was worried one or both could be ill. I found this website, and I just “broke the news” to him.
      Harvey, you are missing two very funny, clever, entertaining guys. Those two had me watching the show on the nights when I wasn’t clearing up from our evening meal.
      If any of Harvey’s “go-fers” read these posts, they need to tell him he is losing viewers because there are many of us who love creative innuendo and genuine personalities.
      My husband is 70+. He a retired theatre professor. I am 60+. I am an active professional actress/singer.

    31. The Cannabis Files says:

      When you leave a job after seven or eight years and they DON’T wish you a good bye on TV, you KNOW it was not a good separation. Otherwise they would have made a big thing out of it.

      • Darin Martin says:

        He probably got tired of the obvious agenda Harvey is promoting at every turn. There is NO journalistic integrity on TMZ. I realize its a gossip site, but they don’t even edit their stories for content, spelling, and grammar. The 2 little bitchy white girl are literal morons, the 2 black girls who cover any “black” story (how racist of you Harvey) are absolutely ghetto and completely annoying. If you’re Jewish, gay, or stupid… the door is wide open at TMZ

    32. GetMaxBack says:

      Bummer. Max was hilarious. Now we are left with those two hags in the front row. Still missing Matt. Did they boot Mike too? Hard to watch without Max…not sure how much longer before I bail on the show. What is with the guy from Seattle? Someone needs to help him iron his t-shirts and tell him to either grow a beard or shave properly in the morning. Does he know he is on T.V? Harvey needs to get Max back…the show is dull without him.

    33. T.M.H says:

      My Hubby and I watch TMZ a number of times, and have even gone on their tour in LA….”MAX” has grown on us and I have noticed the other day that Max wasn’t around and wondered what had happened to him. After “googling” his name I finally got my answer..I was shocked to say the least, he was the funniest guy on that show. Harvey, nobody understands your sense of humor except yourself and that isn’t an fun, bring back Max and your ratings might pick up some.
      Is that why you are on tv for an hour during the day to make up the ratings for your night show?
      Nobody will be able to fill Max’s shoes…I hope Max has found a better job and that he’s getting paid what he’s REALLY worth!!
      Fan of the MAXINATOR!!!

    34. SoulSurfer says:

      For better or worse, the show will continue regardless of who’s on camera. I liked Max, but his range was limited (discussing either T&A or getting wasted). Of course the show really is on the level of middle schoolers.

    35. David says:

      And what happened to Mike Walters?

    36. demoncat_4 says:

      sad to see Max go for loved his unique surfer take on the show. but don’t blame max for wanting to move on after so long.

    37. Goodsense says:

      @GetMaxBack That was the “charm” of Max, who was sort of a modern day Maynard Crebs — slightly disheveled, a little offbeat. Sort of like an eccentric drunk uncle you indulge because he’s witty and harmless. What a clever boy. His style was unique and unstudied compared to the self-conscious nattering of some of his colleagues. I sensed some real tension between him and Harvey. I tend to watch the hour-long recap on the weekend, so I haven’t been keeping up. I’ve occasionally seen Nina Parker on the CBS OMG!Yahoo entertainment news show. TMZ was a better showcase for what she brings to the table. I wish Max well. I hope he saved some money so he can take his time looking for a good job. It’s hard to replace a gig like that. Hopefully the next time he’ll have some choice in where he goes to work.

    38. Sharyn 'Jinx' Arthur says:

      oh no, where is Max??

    39. beth says:

      BRING MAX BACK TMZ is not the same, it is no longer fun to watch

    40. Lilly says:

      Bring back Max!! Get rid of the slouch with the ill fitting t-shirts. He looks dirty, and I feel sorry for the girl next to him. Bring back the gay kid!!

    41. Tim Green says:

      A burn out who added precious little to the show.

    42. Joanne Andrade says:

      Omg! I was wondering where he was,I missed him he was awesome its one reason why I watched the show but will continue just to see if he comes back,Which I hope hope he dose.Wish him the best in whatever he dose,

    43. Sheldon Shacket says:

      I’m sick and tired of hearing about the same dull subjects over and over again. Max was a breath of fresh air to that show. He was genuinely funny with a quick wit that could manufacture an instant quip on demand. The issue here is: MAX LEAVING WAS NEWS to a lot of people. You don’t just throw him under the bus without commentary. To a whole group of people MAX WAS A CELEBRITY! And TMZ is a celebrity news mill that ignored the opportunity to address fans who had to search around the Internet to locate news about Max. Give me a break. Harvey should do the right thing for a change.

    44. MedicMaria says:

      TMZ is boring without Max. There’s no point in watching it. I can get better news on Perez Hilton.

    45. Robert David Constant says:

      Max how can you do this to me. Now I will only see you in my dream. I wish only great adventures with much happiness to you. You’re So Dench … by andre

    46. wildman says:

      Max made the show-HARVEY SUKS

    47. Huh? says:

      MAX COME BACK! You made me smile with your effortless wit. Find a way to publicly share why you left. Call People or US magazine and tell them you dated Kim K , it would guarantee this would print your story. Your fans will know it is a lie!

    48. soulseeker says:

      Hey Max, going to follow your father’s foot steps,
      or perhaps ,do a little soul searching. Perhaps there is a God ,and he loves you more than you know!

    49. soulseeker says:

      Max your in your mid thirty’s Your Dads kind of a mess, don’t let that happen to you.
      what people like about you now , will just turn into a sad story.If you don’t start doing some soul searching. wisdom is not a bad word, and neither is God

    50. eddiezeey says:

      ?Totally bummed max n mike gone…the show will simply not be the same. I’m still watching but will probably start channel surfing for a replacement show….Big mistake in letting them go…….

    51. Kristy Patullo says:

      Surfer dude is super hot! All the best to him.

    52. Richard Lawler says:

      The show has become the same stories rehashed over and over again. I don’t know that it is because of Max’s exit but it has been boring since his been gone… good nap time

    53. Cat says:

      Too bad Max added a little extra on the show, and it was funny !
      We’ll miss him !

    54. Julie G. says:

      I sent an e-mail to TMZ, asking about Max, and never got a response. He didn’t take anything too seriously, and he was quite easy on the eyes. Harvey, whatever the problem MIGHT have been, swallow your pride and get this guy back. The show just isn’t the same, and I don’t mean because it’s better now.~ As for the girls, I love Kelly, the blonde in the front. She speaks her mind and she’s not afraid to put Harvey in his place!~ Harvey, get Max back on the show before it’s too late!

    55. Boho Sista says:

      I think we deserve to know why Max left.Besides being eye candy,he is so likeable and real! Max if you are reading this,don’t fade away!

    56. Rudy del Pardo says:

      max was funny I can relate with max

    57. Rudy del Pardo says:

      max could have a hbo sitcom

    58. slemon says:

      Why did Max leave? Miss his input!

    59. Maria Ann Smith says:

      Bring back Max and get rid of Raquel. She is the biggest racist, and she has no idea what she is talking about. Max has been with Harvey through thick and thin. If Harvey fired him, he needs his ass kicked.

    60. Guest says:

      “Nik tweeted, ‘Max come to the dark side. I got you.'”

      He worked on TMZ for creepy lech Harvey Levin. He’s well acquainted with the dark side.

    61. ralebird says:

      It’s easy to see what happened to Max – the blonde girl ate him!

    62. TONI says:

      After watching for 8 years,,TMZ will not be the same,,,,,MAX come home,, HARVEY go find MAX!!

    63. rockerchick7728 says:

      Max was my favorite. TMZ needs to get rid of the 3 mouthy britches. Miss ya Max #catchinwaves♥

    64. PM2901 says:

      Max was good eye candy for a while, but the stars of the show are the two guys in the back. The Jewish looking guy and the gay guy who stands next to him. They’re both really funny & witty. I also like the tall, young black dude. NONE of the girls are worth keeping. The Black chick is the worst! She’s illiterate, inarticulate, ghetto, and speaks like she has a mouth full of marbles. She’s like Hattie McDaniels after receiving her red petticoat.

    65. Santiago Padilla says:

      it was better when max was there

    66. rudy says:

      I was wondering what happened to that hottie. Damn I miss that fool. Party on Max.

    67. turboz says:

      he’s probably asking for huge money. He’s not worth it. Guys like him are a dime a dozen. He screwed himself. It’s not Harveys fault.

    68. david glen sartison says:

      will miss you max. you were the best one there.

    69. sad says:

      guess the show is over. the queers there now are a drag

    70. Susan says:

      Max was (and is) awesome. I wish him the best in all his future endeavors!!!

    71. Sonny Dee says:

      Max were a idiut!

    72. vdriggers3 says:

      TMZ is not the same with Max gone.

    73. Guest says:

      Whenever they say not sure what’s next it means they got fired.

    74. Marie says:

      Sorry Max is gone. I thought he was adorable. miss him. Not the same show with him gone. 🙁

    75. RIGHTway says:

      They need to get rid of Van or Vance. He thinks every story is racist to African-American.

    76. Thepastorteddy says:

      Thank you max, TMZ he best news show

    77. Mark Mcbride says:

      and you call Harvey racist… mmmmmm

    78. Mark Mcbride says:

      I just notice him missing last week… obviously a year later… wow

    79. PatG says:

      I saw him on TMZ Live a couple times this week. Anyone know if he’s back for good?

    80. Michele says:

      well the one blonde isn’t going anywhere. she is dating the over head voice.

    81. Lucky Charym says:

      Yal can put Harvey down all ya want, fact is, Max was kinda a dirty guy, thats why Nic :the Dirty: wants him. Nic likes leftovers in his eyes He picks up the weak and tries to make them into his mole.. I personally thought Max had a good thing going, but after seeing lots of shows, I get it. I am not a fan of :the Dirty:, hope Max can seek employment eleswhere. Salt water don’t make you clean….just saying

    82. i thought so says:

      Maybe he’ll have time to wash his gross hair now. Ewww!

    83. Aurora says:

      Watch Millionaire Matchmaker on Thursday Jan.29th 2015 on Bravo 9 central Max will be on. Unsure about his millionaire status but looks like Patti is going to help him find love.

    84. Carrie W. says:

      I finally Googled this because it’s been bugging me for a while now wondering where Max went. And this article just makes me want to say Duh! Obviously he left tmz..BUT WHY AND WHAT FOR

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