Rihanna & Nicki Minaj Lesbian Lovers, Spend The Night Together?

Posted on September 4th, 2013 at 5:15 am
Still A Rumor

Nicki Minaj requests surprise duet act for her upcoming "Super Bass" performance (duet images of Rihanna, Kanye West and more 11-2010)Rihanna rumors hit the web on a daily basis, but there's one claim on MediaTakeOut.com that made our jaw drop to the floor.

The gossip blog is claiming that Rihanna and Nicki Minaj are officially a lesbian couple together, alleging that the two "hooked up last week after a pre-VMA party at New York club Stage 48."

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An insider tells MTO that, "Rihanna and Nicki have always had a flirty relationship. I don't think that either [Rihanna or Nicki] thought that the other was serious about hooking up. But after a few bottles of MOSCATO . . . Nicki started getting very blunt. Nicki told [Rihanna] that she wanted to F*CK HER. Everyone at the tables mouth dropped. . . Rihanna was like 'where and when'." The snitch continues, "The two ladies LEFT THE PARTY together," the insider adds, "The two ladies spent the night together at Rihanna's room at the Gansvoort."

This is one bold claim, and RumorFix reporters have calls and emails out to their reps for confirmation.

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    1. Bernard Walker says:

      now check my blog for her word press com. asap and drake not the topic here. The topic is control. rihanna is no one’s puppet.. watch how much truth?? is here. what now?? haters have to see her strung out and confused not the empres Aww airss she is. Pics i”ll have 1st . Rihann got you on this !!

    2. Bernard Walker says:

      dreams about you does she have or lil wayne?? HMMM ans?? let the fans say!! what eva !

    3. xedos says:

      I thought she was with drake at diddy’s party and they leave right after each other

    4. Charlie says:

      Seriously, who freaking cares? They can do whatever they wanna do.

    5. Bijou says:

      They’re good friends. Nothing more.

    6. Clone Prototype Proff. Pop says:

      It’s the dialectical antitheses of “Run this Town.” It’s just missing my voice on the chorus.

    7. Alexia Stephens says:

      Lmao look at how tall Rihanna is to Nicki Minaj. And I’m surprised ppl aren’t really talking about this as much.

    8. liberilux says:

      The illuminati give people whatever they want or cotrol them when ever they want, satan is very clever & the king of deception those who look up to them do not think its ok to be that way, If all of this is true

    9. Rakia says:

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    10. fedup says:

      how can nikki f*&k anything she don’t have a d*7k

    11. Niarah Nik says:

      is no man business if nicki is dating Rihanna

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