Penny Drossos Is Edited To Look Like The Villain

Posted on September 16th, 2013 at 7:24 am
Still A Rumor


A "friend of the Housewives" on The Real Housewives of New Jersey is being edited to look like the villain, according to a source close to the production.

"The part [Sunday night] with Penny Drossos was choppy," a RumorFix source tells Mr. Real Housewife. "She filmed for three hours and only a few minutes were shown." The source described how Penny answered many questions that evening about her own family and other topics, but our source claims Bravo put the footage together to make it look like Penny was talking about the Gorgas and Teresa -- which isn't true!

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Our source tell us that "Penny is being made out to look bad and she's not. She is a confident person with a nice demeanor and Bravo is making her out to seem like a villain -- and it's all lies based on editing. It's interesting that for someone who is a 'friend' of the housewives so much of the season revolves around her."

Our source adds several of the scenes are shot out of sequence to help their story lines. Penny met with the Gorgas at Chakra in February -- which was shown Sunday night -- and the trip to Arizona did not occur until March -- which was shown over the past few weeks.

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  • 4 Responses

    1. Michael says:

      Andy Cohen and Bravo are losing credibility with this fraud “reality” show, which does not resemble reality at all. It’s time to put this trash tv and it’s trash talking “real housewives” out of their misery and cancel it. I’ve been reading that there is going to be a shake up in the cast. Well there is no way they are going to replace the Gorgas or the Giudices, so there wont be much of a change. It will just be a rerun of the last 2 seasons. It may be hard for Bravo/Andy to admit defeat, but sometimes if your dog has rabies, you have to do the right thing and shoot it. These rabid wives have destroyed this show and it’s time to do the right thing.

    2. Guest says:

      This really used to be such an entertaining show, but ever since they brought Melissa into the mix it has just gone down hill. It is the same damn thing every week!! I used to look forward to the show on Sundays, now I find myself drifting towards watching Sister Wives instead (that is really sad lol). Andy get rid of the Gorga BS, news flash—we don’t care anymore!! It was entertaining for a moment, now it is over done and boring!!

    3. MomsThoughts says:

      So…..while Penny and Johnny made it their solitary mission in life to get on this show….they are now surprised that Bravo edits to suit the storyline??? SERIOUSLY!? Does anyone believe this is reality? Did Penny actually think they would show 3 hrs of her just because they taped for 3 hours? Of course its edited. Of course it is cut together out of sequence. This is season 5….how can this be news to anyone at this point?

    4. Bryan says:

      When your this UGLY how can she and that slob she’s married too NOT be made to be the Villains of the piece!

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