Orange Is The New Black Star Quitting the Show For Scientology?!?!

Posted on September 14th, 2013 at 12:06 pm
Still A Rumor


Bad news for fans of Orange is The New Black...

Piper Chapman's ex lesbian lover Alex, played by Laura Prepon will not be returning to the show, according to BuzzFeed.

But now, some reports allege that there is much more to the story...

You see, Laura is a Scientologist and fans are speculating that Prepon is being pressured to discard her prized role on the hit Netflix series by the notoriously homophobic religion.

As far as we can tell, Laura's reason for leaving OINTB is STILL A RUMOR, as neither Laura or Netflix have commented on the situation.  But if this one pans out to be true... RumorFix thinks this is a terrible shame!


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    1. Cat Daddy says:

      Acording to L Ron Hubbard Gays are at 1.1 Covert Hostility on the Tone Scale

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