Miley Cyrus Panty-Less Wardrobe Malfunction In London

Posted on September 12th, 2013 at 5:00 am

Miley Cyrus at her hotelI see London, I see France, where are Miley's underpants?!

That was the question Wednesday after the controversial pop star was spotted underwear-less while out and a bout in London.

The attention seeking star stunned shutterbugs  as commando clad Miley stepped out sporting an extremely odd ensemble.

Cyrus wore a black bra paired with pants that looked like they were from a different planet. The bottoms had a baggy trouser look on one leg and a sheer skinny-pant cut on the other leg. And you can clearly tell that the singer is not wearing any underwear--and even if she wanted to sport a pair of undies, they'd show right through her pants anyways!

We get it Miley, you want attention. You can stop any day now...

Miley Cyrus at her hotel

Miley Cyrus Leaving Her London Hotel

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