Miley Cyrus Became ‘That Girl’ She Used To Pity — VIDEO

Posted on September 24th, 2013 at 12:56 pm

Untitled-2RumorFix dug up an old radio interview Miley Cyrus had with Ryan Seacrest back in 2010 when promoting her album "Can't Be Tamed."

And even then people were skeptical about how Miley, who started to veer away from Disney at the time, was starting to take on a more provocative and sexy image.

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In the interview, 2010 Miley basically predicts the person she would become in 2013, saying "I think it's really funny when you watch a video and go, 'That girl looked gorgeous, but what happened?"

This is a MUST watch.


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    1. LondonReader says:

      “..she used pitty…”
      What does that even mean?
      Is it supposed to be “she used to pity”?

      • Guest says:

        @LondonReader:disqus Shoot I hate making silly mistakes like that! Thank you so much for making me aware or my spelling error. It has been corrected!

      • ErinRF says:

        @LondonReader:disqus Shoot I hate making silly mistakes like that! Thank you so much for pointing my spelling error out! It has been fixed!

      • gwen0444 . says:

        yeah, I just couldn’t understand the post with that major spelling mistake. Thank god we have a spelling teacher on these sites to waste all our times with minor errors so that we get a 100 per cent on our spelling tests.

        • LondonReader says:

          Well, Gwen, between your never ending posts criticizing people, and/or playing arm chair psychologist, I’m not at all surprised to see you here adding your 2 cents worth. It would be a real shame for you to miss the opportunity to be a b*tch to a complete stranger, now wouldn’t it.

          I wasn’t correcting a “spelling mistake” I was asking for clarification. There is a singer (albeit a fairly unknown in North America) as “Pitty” , but I didn’t know if the author was making reference to that person, or if it was a grammatical error.

          So by all means, please…feel free to carry on being miserable and judgmental. It seems to suit you well.

          • gwen0444 . says:

            I appreciate that you have noticed that i do judge from a psychological pov. These are boards where ppl can post anything they want anytime they want and guess what, you get to decide if you want to read those posts. You are clearly reading all my words. As for my comment on the “spelling,” just the tone of the message should have alerted you that she was referring to “pity” and not some group. Your post was sarcastic and mean spirited so do not act superior. You are no better in your long miserable comment as you accuse me of making. Don’t be a hypocrite and don’t worry about silly little spelling mistakes, it makes you a target.

          • Watcher says:

            Hahahahaha…..BURN gwen! Classic!

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