Mike Tyson BFFs With Justin Bieber

Posted on September 5th, 2013 at 9:31 am


Hangover star Mike Tyson says he and teen idol Justin Bieber are friends because Justin thinks he's "fly."

The boxing great told Conan on Wednesday night, "I like Justin Bieber a lot -- he's pretty cool."

He says he first got a taste of the "Never Say Never" singer when Justin was trying to talk Mike into flying to the Bahamas to hang out together.

Mike says a mutual friend put Justin on the phone and the 19-year-old asked, "Hey Man what's up? How ya doing?" The boxing champ said he was honest saying, "Stuff ain't good -- this is happening, this is happening this is happening."

Justin's response was, "Come out of it Mike! Come out of it and go to the airport."

Mike asked why? He couldn't afford a plane ticket at the time. Justin said he was planning to send a private plane for the sports legend.

Then the Being Mike Tyson star got real slaying, "I've got a wife and two kids  -- you think she'll let me hang out? 'No you're not you son of a bitch -- you're staying here!'"
Sadly, Tyson admitted, "My balling days are over. They think I'm still fly, but I'm not."

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