Michael Lohan On Dina Lohan’s Not Guilty Plea — Exclusive

Posted on September 24th, 2013 at 9:02 am


Just when you thought the feuding Lohans had put aside their troubles -- we get word that Michael Lohan is criticizing his ex-wife's defense in a DWI case.

Dina along with her attorney Mark Heller pleaded not guilty to charges in a New York courtroom on Monday as RumorFix first reported last Friday.

When Lindsay Lohan's dad found out -- he was shocked and upset. "Is Heller out of his mind?" told RumorFix exclusively. "Is he going to bury Dina more than she already is? By pleading not guilty to a charge that is OBVIOUSLY correct, it will only infuriate the court."

Michael goes on to explain that Dina's excuse for speeding that she was being followed is "a bunch of malarkey." He says, "She shouldn't have been driving in the first place."

According to police reports, Dina blew .20 on the Breathalizer -- more than twice the legal limit.

Michael, who appeared on The Test with his ex-wife and passed a drug test while she refused to take any test, joked, "Maybe the court will ask her to take 'the test.'"

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    1. Diane says:

      someone needs to remind michael lohan that he’s no longer married to dina and has no say in who represents her or what she does. go worry about kate’s civil suit.

    2. Guest says:

      Yawn…..poor Linsey !

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