Maks Chmerkovskiy Dating Someone New Already?

Posted on September 17th, 2013 at 4:50 pm


Maks Chmerkovskiy was seen having lunch with a beautiful brunette at Cipriani in SoHo in New York on Tuesday setting off couples alerts.


Maks and the woman are seen arm in arm  -- one photo agency even called her his girlfriend.

But, our RumorFix editors immediately said "Hold on! What about Kate Upton?"

After checking with some sources, we found out that the lovely lady WAS NOT a date -- she's a family friend. In fact, it's Nicole Volynets, who used to be Val Chmerkovskiy's former girlfriend. "They are like brother and sister," a source tells us.

Dancing with the Stars fans will remember Nicole used to be in the dance troupe.


And, yes, Maks is still dating that beautiful Sports Illustrated model.

    • Bobbi

      Does Kate Upton pay him by the hour for his services? Or does he get a flat rate for each event she lets him be seen with her at?

    • TheFactsR

      First of all Kate and Maks are not dating they are FRIENDS! Can anyone be FRIENDS these days? Secondly Nicole’s family are business partners with Maks! Thirdly Maks flew in from LA and Nicole probably picked Maks up from airport GEEEZZZ LOUEEZZZ

      • CatWoman12

        Stay in denial peg leg…stay in denial.

        • TheFactsR

          ummmm I heard the female Kate Upton with my own ears says several times “NO not dating Maks, just friends” get the hint guy!

      • marieta thomas

        Just read that Maks and Kate is dating. Don’t know how try this is.

    • TheFactsR

      AND NOT Kate Upton recently told Enews NO to dating Maks ONLY friends with Maks and needed escort to event or two as friends! I notice by your post Kate did not pick Maks up at airport today from his flt from LA to see his brother in DWTS! No Maks had to call on Nicole to pick him up GET YOUR FIX …..FIXED

      • CatWoman12

        I guess you think that if you keep typing that they are only friends it will be true… only in your sad mind. DENIAL, jealousy, craziness.

        • TheFactsR

          YOU are useless! HAHAHAHAHA GET your facts straight! Who calls themselves cat people but crazy people! I done with you!

      • Jane

        Kate would not have picked anyone up at a NY airport today, as she was also flying into the city from another state!

        • TheFactsR

          who cares! Kate Upton is a over-rated plus sized model that will soon be forgotten!

        • Me

          Thank you for sharing her travel plans Lizzie!

        • Forgetthem

          Who cares! Kate is already a plus sized has been Lizzie!

        • youpickyournose

          WHO the F cares what Kate Upton does!

    • Patty3

      LOL… did his publicist leak this crazy fake story just to get their names into the newspaper

    • Nikki

      Holly hell are you a nutjob Bobbi. Woah.

      • Snottyeyes4U

        you don’t believe escorts exist? FOOL!

    • Kelly

      Lizzie Grubman earning another pay check.

    • TheFactsR

      Bobbi is not a nutjob in fact he Bobbie if very close to the TRUTH does the truth bother you Nikki

    • TheFactsR

      Kate Upton is a PLUS sized model and has made many statements of NOT interested in Maks as a dating person. I heard her with my OWN ears say it plenty! She may be paying Maks to escort her to events because she can’t get dates she is so heavy!

    • TheFactsR

      catwomen12 I think I know more of the truth than do you! You didn’t know that was Nicole Voleynets at first look. Everyone who knows Maks knows WHO the hell Nicole is! DUH!
      When I hear Kate Upton say over and over again NO I AM NOT DATING MAKS we’re only friends. I believe what she’s said!
      Maybe Maks doesn’t get it! That Kate Upton is not interested in him that way.
      But also maybe YOU don’t get it.
      In your eyes people can’t be JUST FRIENDS!

      • CatWoman12

        Actually I did know who that was and I knew this story was a fraud. You think you are the Maksim fact master??? I know about his friendship with Nicole and her brother.. you are very foolish.

        • TheFactsR

          NO YOU are he foolish person they are BUSINESS partners! Her family and his family!

        • Forgetthem

          crazy people call themselves animal names
          what zoo did you escape from?

    • Diane

      It must be humiliating for Maks to have to resort to these types of stunts to keep his name out there. But considering who he has managing his career it’s not at all surprising.

    • BellaDonna

      FactsR… take your meds and stop flooding Maksims timeline with useless information as well… he does not care.

      • forgetthem

        what mental ward did you escape from

    • TheFactsR

      Belladonna show your stupidity I don’t TWEET MAKS EVER! HAHAHAHA

    • TheFactsR

      Kelly right, a worthless paycheck. Lizzie has him out of work! He is her out of work client! HAHAHAHA

    • TheFactsR

      Lizzie Grubman’s
      Client and his RUMOR! WHAT A JOKE!

    • TheFactsR

      Hide and watch if Maks hangs with that plus sized model long! When she runs out of money for escort service HAHAHAHA

    • Allie

      I could care less who Maks is dating or sleeping with. I just want to see him hire someone competent who is able to get him work instead of this idiot he has managing him who thinks giving stories like this one to the gossip rags is fooling anyone.

    • MrsWilder

      Oh yes, this one has grubby lizzie all over it.

    • Belmarr

      Hmmm… wonder what seasons shippers get bent out of shape the most over who Maks is dating?? Season 10(Erin) 11 (Brandy) 12 ( Kirstie) … Hope Solo… doubtful…. get over his personal life!!!

      • Jane

        My money’s on 10!

      • Me

        Have no doubts it’s season 10! How pathetic….

      • TheFactsR

        You missed the point!
        Don’t mislead people to get a response from them. You may get the wrong response that you weren’t planning on getting.
        Who the hell cares about Erin Brandy Kirstie or Hope for that matter.
        Those rumors are the ones that Lizzie got Maks out of work promoting.
        Lizzie seems to believe she is a PR person but really she is how to get your client unemployed agent.

        • forgetthem

          exactly who Lizzie is!
          Lizzie is the base of Maks work problems

    • 50shadesofTre

      WOW guys…is it that serious? who cares? o_O

    • Guesswho

      It is ironic that this “story” appears in the media on the very same day Maksim visits his publicist Lizzie Grubman… amazing timing… WINK WINK

      • Me

        And then just a few hours later Nicole Volynets posts a picture of Maksim getting his hair cut.

    • Vivien

      So after reading this commentary, one is supposed to believe Kate Upton is an overweight has-been and Maks is a male escort because that is the only work he can get. Very funny people. The truth is that there are some very jealous psychopaths out there and Maks has a very bad publicist, that is about it.

      • youpickyournose

        What mental ward did you escape from?

      • youpickyournose

        IF you can not see that Kate Upton is a plus sized overweight female and you don’t believe Stacy Kiebler was an escort for Georgy you need mental help!

    • Wonton12

      Oh, please! Nicole Volynets is like a sister to Maks. Her mother was his business partner when he started up the DWM studios, and both Nicole and Teddy are like siblings to him. Their families have remained very close. I have no clue what his relationship is or isn’t with Kate Upton, but they are both beautiful and their relationship is their business.

      • TheFactR

        Oh, please a business partner that Val had s e x with