LeAnn Rimes The Soccer Mom?

Posted on September 7th, 2013 at 3:40 pm


Country star LeAnn Rimes proved on Saturday that she can be the ultimate soccer mom.

PICTURES: LeAnn In A Bikini

Not only did she dress in a sexy tank top and short shorts, she brought a chair and umbrella to provide the perfect outdoor experience.

LeAnn was in Tarzana, California to see Eddie Cibrian's son Mason play soccer.

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    1. HI 50 says:

      BRANDI Glanville was at her son’s soccer game, where’s the REAL soccer mom’s pic? LeMann is the Step-a-side Bogus mom. Get the facts straight.

    2. MargieAtPolitiChicks says:

      Are you people kidding? Rimes a soccer mom? She’d have to actually take the phone out of her hand for longer than a photo op to be a soccer ANYTHING. Mason’s MOTHER, Brandi Glanville, was over by her child. The photog could have took a snap of her, too. Ah, but then LeAnn wouldn’t have paid him as much.

    3. Alegra says:

      doesnt this woman care at all for others feelings? doesnt she feel bad at all knowing the pain she is causing another human being ie brandi? im sorry but this chick leanne better buckle up bc shes got some bad karma headed her way for the continual pain she is dishing out..

      • MyOpinion says:

        I don’t believe Leann ever tries to mother these kids. She just tweets like she does to irritate Brandi. Then her fans blow smoke up her butt and tell her how great she is. She craves attention and praise. These boys know who mom is and it’s not leann.

    4. MyOpinion says:

      I didn’t know leann had a child. Congrats to her. If you’re referring to Brandi Glanville’s children, she was at their soccer game yesterday. Why don’t you have a picture of her? She was 5 feet away from the home wrecker and you know it! Leann had her nasty feet on a cooler and played on her phone. Brandi sit by one son while the other one played a game.

      • Alegra says:

        then leann tweeted & there was a pic of ed going around handing out cookies. leann tweeted ed is a great soccor mom handing out sweets..B*tCH it doesnt matter how many cookies ed hands out, everyone knows what a POS he is humilating the mother of his children, doing that to any human being is EVIL sick vile..GTFOY ppl at game must be like look at these two losers, she just got out of mental hospital, he cheats on and leaves him wife for this wreck and then proceeds to continually torture the poor woman, at least sit somewhere else for Gods sake but no u know L is not going to have that

        • MyOpinion says:

          I really wonder how they are perceived at Brandi and Eddie’s children’s sporting events. Leann calls paps for everything, as a parent, that would infuriate me. I saw that picture, I wouldn’t take anything Eddie offered. Yuck! They are pathetic.

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