Kim Kardashian’s Extremely Disturbing Pregnancy Photo Shoot

Posted on September 6th, 2013 at 11:25 am

k4Kim Kardashian just loves doing weird things for attention!

The reality star posed in a set of shockingly bizarre photos for the new issue of CR Fashion Book, shot by Karl Lagerfield.

The shoot happened before baby North West was born.

What do you think of the shots?






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    1. Marja van den Broek says:


    2. Matthew518 says:

      Next to the pic with all the lipstick, I see nothing wrong with the rest of them. They look normal. When it comes to Kim, the word “disturbing” doesn’t fit in any vocabulary. As far as the haters, they are another story.

      • okccw says:

        Matthew on another site they said it was jam they smeared all over her face and that’s whats in the jar she’s holding. This is also when she was injecting her lips a lot. I think Kim is beautiful, but I don’t think these are tasteful or so called art as some are reporting. JMO

    3. Alegra says:

      she looks like fat bastard from shrek in the 1st pic, i dont think these pics are meant to show her in a good light, they are protraying her as gluttonous, i actually feel bad for her bc i dont think shes in on the joke

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