Kim Kardashian Taking Post-Baby Body Back To Playboy?

Posted on September 3rd, 2013 at 4:45 am

"HER Luau At The Mansion" To Benefit The Nicole Brown FoundationKim Kardashian reveals something very shocking the a new promo for an upcoming episode of her reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

In the clip, when discussing with her family about post-birth plans, a still pregnant KK says, "As soon as I pop this thing out, I want to do Playboy or some nude shoot."

Kim's statement comes as a shock to the entertainment world as she's expressed regret at working with Playboy in the past, telling Harper’s Bazaar in 2010 that she's sorry she ever did it and that it was a very "uncomfortable" experience.

We guess a baby really does change everything.

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    1. gwen0444 . says:

      sorry kim…looks like the other tabloid sites have already spoken. Unless you have grown a third nipple we don’t want to see an overly photo shopped naked pic of you again. We have seen enough and again, any playboy pics will all be as fake as you and your family is.

      • Matthew518 says:

        Gwen, why would you care? Do you read Playboy? Lesbian, eh? Or are you just bisexual? You can admit it, no straight woman would ever post what you just did.

        • gwen0444 . says:

          excuse me, there are pics of kim naked sprayed in silver on sites that are family orientated. Like I don’t want to ever see Miley Cyrus gyrate again, I don’t think the world needs or cares to see Kim in playboy again. That would be for her own ego and lets face it, the photoshopping alone makes her almost unregonizable.

          • Matthew518 says:

            You really are a prude, aren’t you? Are you Canadians really this bad, or is it just you? I thought Americans were bad. Gwen, you don’t have to look. These shoots are for the men who actually like to look at beautiful women. If magazine’s were to show a guy wearing very little, I would not care one iota, certainly wouldn’t be uptight about it. There are much worse things to worry about it in the world than that.

    2. Matthew518 says:

      I will speak for every adult male in America and beyond: please, Kim, do it again! Hopefully this time they’ll show a little more.

      • gwen0444 . says:

        now who is talking like a fool..if you want to see more we are now talking about a camera shot right up the vajayjay

        • Matthew518 says:

          Gwen, if you actually saw the last photos she did with Playboy, they didn’t show much. Clearly your comments show you didn’t.

          • gwen0444 . says:

            what is your I.Q. and I might add that is the only site you hover around on because the majority of ppl who say anything about the Kardashians is usually negative. The world is sick of this family and its not so much because they are rich its because they are selfish greedy famewhores that we all have had enough of. Do you think its normal that Kim is video taping her sister suntaning and really the way she did it you are drawn to this young girls private area? Do you think it is normal for grown women to sniff each others panties or a mom who asks her son to check out her new boob job? The list goes on but this family is dispicable, they are totally borderline incestuous. It is now fun to watch Khloe get her come uppance after the way she treated KH’s and yet they let the biggest loser Scott slide as he is clearly there for the money. I actually don’t know who you are but I am now certain you must be in their employ. You should show a little more respect because the truth is the haters are the ones keeping the Kardashians relevent. Rumor does have it though that it won’t be long before they are off t.v. Oh as for Kim, a tasteful playboy article does not erase that disgusting video where a man was allowed to pee on her. Check out Ray J’s new song, its hilarious.

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