Kanye West Forces Kim Kardashian To Return Engagement Ring To Kris Humphries?!

Posted on September 19th, 2013 at 6:04 am
Still A Rumor

kim-ringWe know Kim Kardashian has a habit of collecting shiny and expensive things, but has the reality star taken her obsession too far?

According to an article in Star magazine, the mother-of-one only recently gave Kris Humphries the 20-carat $2 million engagement ring back that he gifted to the star when he asked for her hand in marriage years ago.

The tabloid alleges that Kim's baby daddy Kanye West demanded Kim give the rock back to Kris, adding that "Kanye was enraged. He didn't understand why she'd want to keep something from her ex-husband."

But there's still hope, because Kim has the option of buying the ring back since Kris reportedly plans to put the dazzling diamond up for auction at Christie’s auction house in New York City on October 15!

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    1. gwen0444 . says:

      well it shouldn’t take kanye to convince her. The famewhore should do it because the marriage was a sham. He should also force her to split the gifts with him but just like Kris J after her epic talk show failure Kris took all the gift bags home and gave them to her kids. Oh I think the staff got something like their coffee mugs,

      • Shannon says:

        And you are a dumb a** for believing this bullsh*t from a tabloid, some of you folks are so freaking stupid, of course the tabs made up this story after the story came out that the ring was up for auction, I swear they see you dumb f*cks coming, oh and while you are at it, check your facts about Kris’s show being cancelled, that has been debunked by Fox weeks ago you dumb f*ck.

    2. casper says:

      While Shannon you took Gwens comments a little personal. She is entitled to her own opinion and why does she have to be a dumb f*ck? The Kardashians wanted to be famous so all this bull sh*t comes with fame. They sacrafice themselves for paper so if this crap isnt true and people like Gwen want to believe it then oh well. Keep the trash talking coming if its making paper. Peace

      • Matthew518 says:

        It’s funny, Gwen hates Kim and her family to the point of obsession, that doesn’t seem to bother you one bit, Casper. So every celebrity is harassed by the tabloids like they are? Really? I don’t think so. Some of them, like Oprah, get nothing but praise. There’s no way every celebrity even can get bashed the way Kim and her family do. The media constantly bend the truth, and stupid people like Gwen believe it. Maybe you should tell your girlfriend Gwen to actually think for herself for a change.

    3. Matthew518 says:

      Two questions: is there a law that says the woman has to give it back? I doubt it. If there isn’t, Kim should be able to keep it, and people only make a fuss because, well, it’s Kim. Also, didn’t Kim use her own money to buy one of her rings? Was this the one? If so, Kris is essentially a thief.

      • gwen0444 . says:

        no law Matthew but in the court of public opinion they are scum…greedy worthless scum. They deserve all that is bad and if can’t help but laugh at that over grown he/she Khloe who had nothing but advise about KH but gave Snott a free pass as he cheats on the ugliest of them all Kourtney. That girl could go under the knife and no one would blame her.

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