Jon Hamm: Is That You Behind That Beard??

Posted on September 22nd, 2013 at 12:49 pm


You'd never see Don Draper looking like this.

Mad Man's Jon Hamm says he loves not shaving!

He tells E! News, "This ends up happening … I was in England and was working on a project and had been away for four months and I finally got home and I was like, I think I'm done with shaving for a little while. That was three days ago and then this happens."

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Jon, who is nominated for an Emmy for "Best Actor," also revealed to E! News that he and Amy Poehler are throwing a post-Emmy party for the losers. They came up with the plan last year. "We called it the Losers Lounge because nobody that was there won and it kind of stuck. We were like, ‘That was a really fun party. We should do that again, but we should do it bigger and better and invite our friends who aren't going to win either and we'll have a good time with it,'" he said.

Maybe the beard will be a good luck charm!

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