Jon Gosselin: Waiting Tables And Living In The Woods With No TV Or Internet

Posted on September 19th, 2013 at 11:16 am

jonJon Gosselin used to be one of the most famous faces on reality TV.  But now, the former Jon & Kate Plus Eight star doesn't even OWN a television.

In a sit-down interview with Entertainment Tonight, the famous father reveals that he's waiting tables at a small town diner to make ends meet.  And he lives austerely in a "cabin in the woods" that doesn't have Internet or television access.

He admits that he's "hit rock bottom like 20 times, then I just bounce back and go somewhere else."  He said it's been "nearly impossible" for him to find a steady job since his television show went off the air.

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That somewhere else these days is the Black Dog café in Beckersville, Pennsylvania, where he waits tables and does menial tasks like cleaning the bar. But he's not complaining.  In fact he defends his new life saying that people calling him down on his luck are out of line, stating that "they said it because I’m waiting tables, which is really disgusting. To think that because you wait tables, or because you have different things, or because you don’t have an 8 to 5 job, that you’re making ends meet.”

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    1. Luce Morales says:

      I feel bad for him for being castrated by a shrew on nation television and there’s nothing wrong with waiting tables but on the other hand, with all those kids to support, he needs to be more ambitious.

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