Joanna Krupa: Who Would Deny This Woman Of Sex?

Posted on September 3rd, 2013 at 2:22 pm


Joanna Krupa's fiance Romain Zago buys her a fancy new car and a beautiful house but still won't have sex with her on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Miami.

What is going on here? Gorgeous Joanna said so many times in this episode "I just want to f**k!" She told her friends, her sex therapist, even Romain himself, but she got nothing.


To add more humiliation, Romain didn't even show up to the first sex therapy session as he promised he would, because he was upset at Joanna from something that had happened earlier in the day. When asked by her new therapist how often they have sex, Joanna states about once every other month!?!

And she says several times that Romain is like "the girl in the relationship" meaning he is very sensitive and emotional and likes to take his time with romance.

Every six weeks sure is a long time and hopefully the sex therapist can help figure this all out before their big upcoming wedding!


Romain does however, have no problem showing his macho side when protecting his woman at Alexia Echevarria's Venue Magazine party.

We see a predictably sour-looking Adriana DeMoura and her husband/fiance Frederic Marq standing close to Romain and Joanna when Frederic suddenly decides to go over and say hello to Romain and when he extends a hand, Romain just stares at his hand and shakes his head no and tells Frederic to "f**k off!"

Apparently Fredric has been tweeting some nasty stuff about Romain and Joanna and Frederic is confused because he thought they cleared the air a few months ago after their respective women got into a big fight last season, but Romain isn't having any of it.


Frederic keeps calm but a predictably angry Adriana comes over and the three start arguing in French, with Adrianascreaming things about Romain sleeping with some Columbian girl (we hope that's not the problem).

Surprisingly, normally hot headed Joanna keeps her cool and was happy that Romain stood up for her saying in her interview that "When it comes to protecting his woman, he's all man!" On another note, Lea Black drops a bombshell gossiping while shopping for new marble tiles with her interior designers and Lisa Hochstein in tow. Still talking about the Adriana wedding scandal, she tells the group that all these years that Adriana has been supposedly "dating" Frederic, at times when the relationship wasn't going so smoothly she confided in Lea that she feared Frederic could not support her in the lifestyle that she desired and she had Lea set her up on a few dates! All the while secretly married to Frederic! 

Reporting by Erika Pressman

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