Jimmy Kimmel Keeps His Hilarious Cool During Kanye West’s Twitter Attack

Posted on September 27th, 2013 at 9:13 am

kimmel1Perhaps the most entertaining aspect of Kanye West's epic Twitter rant against Jimmy Kimmel Thursday night was how the late night talk show host kept his calm and cool throughout it, getting more and more agreeable the more angry Kanye got.kimmel2

In case you missed it, Kimmel did a skit earlier this week spoofing Yeezy's BBC interview where he compared himself to God.  Kanye found no humor in it and went off on Jimmy in an epic Twitter ALL CAPS rant that went well beyond 140 characters for over an hour.

The 45-year-old Jimmy Kimmel Live host first acknowledged his awareness of West's online  tantrum with "apparently @KanyeWest is VERY VERY ANGRY with me...."

He encouraged the rapper with" if it's not too much trouble @kanyewest, would you mind using @jimmykimmel ? Thanks."

When Kanye wrote "SARAH SILVERMAN IS A THOUSAND TIMES FUNNIER THAN YOU AND THE WHOLE WORLD KNOWS IT!!!" Jimmy responded "I know! #WreckItRalph, right?!" 

And we'll get Jimmy's full interpretation of what went down on his Friday night telecast, as the host wrote "I'll tell you the whole story about @kanyewest tonight on the show - this is not a prank, I promise (unless it's being played on me)."

Kimmel couldn't resist one more G-rated response with "I swear, @kanyewest one more of these I WILL unfollow you #warning #Goshdarnit"

Goshdarnit, we can't wait to hear Jimmy's take on this drama Friday night.

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    1. Trinity says:

      Jimmy K is hilarious! Kayne W….not so much!

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