Jennifer Aniston Threatens To Sabotage Justin Theroux’s Ex Heidi Bivens’ Career?

Posted on September 13th, 2013 at 5:00 am

jen33Is Jennifer Aniston threatening Justin Theroux's ex Heidi Bivens to stay out of Los Angeles? According to Star magazine, yes.

The tabloid says that information that Bivens was moving to LA to expand her stylist business did not sit well with Aniston. The gossip rag claims, “Everyone knows everyone in L.A., and Jen didn’t want to cross paths with her. To make the move more challenging, Jen recruited Kate Young, one of Heidi’s designer rivals from New York. Now that she’s working with Jen, she’s getting a lot of the West Coast jobs that could have gone to Heidi.”

Star goes on to allege that Jen "felt threatened by the thought of having Heidi in the same city. She was convinced that Heidi and Justin would reconnect.”

Anyways, this story is so not true. A source close to Aniston tells RumorFix the rumor is 100% not true. 



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