Gwyneth Paltrow Near Bus Crash Caused By Paparazzi, Says Rep

Posted on September 10th, 2013 at 11:29 am


On Monday TMZ posted video of Gwyneth Paltrow "cutting off" a school bus after picking her child up from school on her vespa.

And while it did appear to be an extremely irresponsible act on Paltrow's part, after examining the video and speaking with her rep, RumorFix has determined that it was just a very unfortunate accident.

A rep for the actress says, "She [Gwyneth] was being followed by paparazzi and they kept swerving in front and back of her and made her very nervous driving and resulted in her pulling in front of the bus when she thought the bus had stopped."

Take a look at the video and let us know what YOU think!

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    1. Diane says:

      the paps are scum but there is nothing in the video that shows the paps interring with her driving. she thought the bus had stopped and pulled out when it obviously hadn’t stopped. she was at fault but she’s lucky she and her daughter weren’t hurt.

    2. Michael says:

      SHE IS A LIAR!!. You can see at the beginning of the video there is nobody close to her except for her husband on the Vespa behind her with their other kid. Celebs never take responsibility for their own foolish actions.

    3. bibi says:

      Please. Does she think we’re stupid? It’s obvious that she pulled into traffic without once turning around to see if anyone was coming. She’s lucky the bus driver wasn’t going any faster or she’d be a hood ornament today.

    4. Silvil says:

      Her excuse doesn’t matter. She & the rest of us mere mortals have to keep the safety of our kids in front of any other annoyances we may be faced with. She simply did not think of her child first (nor the bus kids). Yes, paps are bothersome & intrusive but I imagine she’s been faced with them all her life. If she can’t handle the paps, then she should have an employee pick up the kids because she is clearly not a competent enough driver to handle the situation.

      Also, safety concerns aside (9 years old is too young to be weaving in & out of LA traffic on a death machine)- if I were a celebrity, the last thing I would do is drive around in a Vespa, out in the open for anyone & everyone to gawk at.

    5. trish says:

      Bull. Major cover up for her total lack of parenting instincts, among her other examples. If paps were a concern cause she courted them and more importantly you never drive your child on a Vespa with their skin exposed. She is an idiot and more and not even licensed to drive in US yet. Lots of celebs handle the paps, she is full of it.

    6. LoLo says:

      She should have just owned it & said sorry, I thought the bus stopped, it was a mistake. Making up stories & blaming others never looks good. If your kid is on the back of your vespa most people would triple check. She made a mistake & I’m sure she won’t do that again. I’m sure we’ve all come close to accidents but weren’t caught on film. I’m glad they are both ok & that shes more careful in the future.

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