Gene Simmons To Meet With Tim Tebow Today About Arena Football

Posted on September 11th, 2013 at 2:39 pm


Gene Simmons is Kissing up to former New England Patriots quarterback Tim Tebow and at the same time blasting Aaron Hernandez and Michael Vick.

The KISS front man tells Fox and Friends with fingers crossed "We're about to almost sign Tim Tebow."

Gene, who co-owns KISS LA -- an arena football team -- says, having Tim sign with him is "good for football and all those pundits and the people in the peanut gallery who pick on him because he's a devout Christian ... it's the heinous thing of all sports reporting and journalism."

He says Tim being criticized for his religious beliefs is "the height of lunacy."

Gene, who says he is meeting with Tim in LA on Wednesday afternoon, says the press should be criticizing "a guy who tortures dogs" obviously referring to Michael Vick or "perhaps [someone who is] going to jail for murder" referencing Aaron Hernandez.

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