Exclusive: Liberace’s Ex-Lover Scott Thorson Failed Drug Test, Court Moved Him To” Drug Den”

Posted on September 10th, 2013 at 12:19 pm

scottRumorFix has spoken to Scott Thorson's attorney who confirmed to us that the 54-year-old did indeed fail a drug test recently - a violation of his probation in his burglary and identity theft case - but claims that the court itself set up Scott to fail.

David Houston tells us exclusively that Scott's "entire program was disrupted and circumvented by the powers that be. There were a number of people that frankly did not want Scott to succeed. They removed him from a clean and sober environment because they thought it would be better if he lived elsewhere. We then found a new place for him that still has a support group but again he was told by those in power he had to move from that residence. He finally wound up in a drug infested area."

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Scott had been living near the famed Bunny Ranch in Carson City, Nevada but the drug court deemed it an inappropriate area to reside.  The court relocated Scott to the Reno area nowhere near his support group and prior sober living arrangement.  Scott can't afford to live there, per the drug court he can't travel for work purposes so is unemployed,  is basically homeless, and now in a drug infested section of downtown Reno.  Not a great recipe for success for a recovering addict.

Houston filed a motion with the court but tells us "the motion was not heard prior to the time Scott gave a dirty test. He also had an exacerbation of his medical condition."

Scott had been shot three times in the back and took analgesics for pain, but the drug court discontinued his use of the medication despite a prescription.

Houston told us they are going to court on Wednesday and can only hope to "shed some light on what these people have done to guarantee his failure. It would be similar to requiring a crack cocaine addict to live in a crack house and hope for the best."

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