EXCLUSIVE: Changes Coming To “The Real Housewives Of New Jersey’

Posted on September 14th, 2013 at 8:31 am


It's been no bed of roses for the Real Housewives of New Jersey... but as season 5 approaches its final few episodes, many fans are insisting that the show expands beyond the stale storyline surrounding the sibling rivalry between Teresa Giudice and her sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga.

Well, it appears that Andy Cohen is listening, as sources tell RumorFix that a shake-up is in store for the popular Bravo franchise.

With the RHONJ season 5 reunion in the can, RumorFix can report exclusively that the 15 hour production was so boring that serious consideration is now underway as to who will return and who will NOT be invited back in season 6.

RumorFix has learned that while RHONJ has not officially been renewed, the new season is tentatively slated to begin filming in the next two months and, as of right now, no cast member contracts have yet been offered by the Bravo network.

It is all but certain that RHONJ will get the green light to begin production, and insiders say Teresa and Joe Giudice's legal troubles will definitely be addressed. However, according to our sources, "Everything is up in the air right now because there is disagreement between the show's producers as to which direction they will go."

We're told that the dynamic between Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita is being carefully reconsidered. The New York Post recently reported that a spin-off show, revolving around the Manzo family, is currently in development... but while some network executives love Caroline, our sources reveal that several RHONJ producers would be happy to see her go!

As for Kathy Wakile, producers are "on the fence," but, according to our source, they would hate to lose her sister Rosie.

In the meantime, RumorFix can also report that at least one additional 'housewife' is being considered to join the cast.

It's going to be interesting!

Stay tuned...

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    1. Michael says:

      I say Thank You Jesus while making the sign of the cross.

    2. Nataliya says:

      Kathy and her fake Twitter followers needs to go no-one will miss Rosie

      • Maggie says:

        Keep Teresa and her husband and girls, they are fun to watch fire th erest of the group and bring in some new people entertaining like Teresa and her bubby

    3. CaliHere says:

      The Gorgas and Wakiles need to be let go. Richie Wakile is disgusting, and the single biggest reason why I no longer watch. Added to the fact that I can’t stomach the Gorgas, there simply stopped being any reason for me to watch.

      As for the Manzos/Lauritas, they are duller than dishwater. And Caroline may think her spawn walk on water, but truthfully, they are like watching paint dry. Crittofer is not nearly as witty as he likes to think.

      What is clear is that if Teresa is removed from the mix, this group has nothing to offer on their own. Hating Teresa keeps them relevant, but it has gotten to the point where it has alienated many of the viewers, because it went too far.

      As for Rosie – I have mixed feelings. I like her when she’s not Angry Drunk Rosie and I do believe she is interesting and has much to offer. My problem with Rosie stems from my opinion that she has let herself be used by both Bravo and the Wakilies and Gorgas as the “token gay”. I remember when all the “men” (and I use the term “Men” loosely) sat around asking her about her sex life. Then There are Richies disgusting comments that I won’t repeat. They seem to be fascinated by the fact that she is gay. News Flash Bravo-Wakiles-Gorgas: Almost everyone in America knows someone who is gay. We treat them like we treat everyone else.

      Why not just show Rosie being Rosie? Yes, her sexuality is part of who she is, of course, but it certainly should not be the focus. Bravo (and the Wakiles and Gorgas) don’t do anyone any favors by treating Rosie like she is some sort of side show.

      Having said all of that, if keeping Rosie means another season of Richie Wakiles disgusting mouth, I say let her go. Sorry, Rosie.

      • Michael says:

        I would hope for an entire cast change, or maybe enen go to an entirely different city. I agree the Manzo’s/Laurita’s are boring, but instead of getting rid of the Gorga’s, I’d get rid of the Goudice’s/Felons since they may not be available to film another season anyway. Even if Teresa doesn’t go to prison, she will surly get home detention, and how exciting will it be if Teresa can’t leave her property. I guess we could watch her play with the kids all day

        • Dee Enko says:

          Right, because the Gorga’s are such upstanding people. The Gorgas may be the most immoral of anyone on any reality show, not just housewives and not just Bravo. The fact that they can perpetrate such a fraud against their own family members in front of millions of people is about as low as anyone can go.

          I find it incredible that Bravo will even consider showing Guidices’ legal problems yet somehow Lauritas’ problems which are just as bad, if not worse, are swept under the rug. What about Al’s longtime mistress? The Wakiles aren’t clean either. There is serious dirt on both Melissa and Joey, together and separately. But no, only the Guidices get that honor. Additionally, Teresa gets framed for things she had nothing to do with, usually to deflect from those who are truly guilty. At least with the charges against her, she’ll have her day in court.

          • CaliHere says:

            I would rather watch Teresa playing with her kids at home for an entire hour than watch Melissa and her runt for one single second.

            I agree with you Dee – it’s like Bravo has two sets of rules, one for the Guidices, one for everyone else.

            • Michael says:

              You want to talk about double standards, lets take a look at season 2&3 when the Manzos/Guidices/Lauritas got together and told Bravo none of them would film with Danielle Staub. Bravo let her go saying the show had gotten too dark with her on it. Well look at how dark it’s gotten since she left the show. Teresa has turned it trash tv all because Bravo DARED to go behind her back and add her brother and his wife on her show without her permission, just when she was becoming a superstar. Of course it’s been proven that Teresa knew about them being added, I guess she didn’t know enough in advance to get the Manzos/Lauritas to join with her and threaten not to film with them. Then the Manzos/Lauritas DARED to become friendly with the Gorgas. I guess if you were a friend of the Gorgas, you couldn’t be friendly with the Giudices. If you want to talk Bravo having about double standards, then you would have to say they are in favor of Teresa and her clan. because she should have been fired for violently attacking Danielle and pulling hair out of her head. Violence should never be accepted, even for ratings.

            • hobbyath says:

              Ashlee, Jackie’s daughter pulled Danielle’s hair

            • Michael says:

              Yea, You are right about that. It was just Teresa who sat waiting for Danielle to come out of the event because she wanted to just say HI, that was a lie. That’s the exact event when my opinion of Teresa started to change. She was trying to start trouble with Danielle because she got so much attention over the table flip the previous season. I was completely against her after the reunion when she acted like a wild animal and pushed Andy on the couch because he tried to keep her from going after Danielle who had walked off the set, that was so fake, and she did that all because Danielle told the truth about her, her brother and her nephew.

          • Michael says:

            I never said the Gorga’s are such upstanding people. I said replace them all or cancel the show. If I had to choose, I’d take them over the felons who “perpetrate such a fraud against their own” country. Trashy Tre lies to anybody who will listen about how she just be a peace with everybody, while working behind the scenes to embarrass and humiliate her only brothers wife, you see her being proven to be a liar (AGAIN) on Sunday night’s episode. As for Bravo showing the Giudice’s Federal Tax Evasion legal troubles, they can’t, it being held in a federal court and cameras aren’t allowed. Trashy Tre’s Horrible Hubby’s trial about falsely attempting to get a drivers license is a different story, same with the Laurita;’s and Joe Gorga’s trial, those are probably recorded by the court and considered public domain under the freedom of information act.

          • Aliyah Fabrizio says:

            Well said!

    4. Dee Enko says:

      The Gorgas and Wakiles ruined the show. I’m surprised that cross around Melissa’s neck hasn’t burned her yet. She’s so fake. Melissa never used her catch phrase “Thank you Jesus” before the cameras were in her face. She doesn’t even make the sign of the cross correctly. What about messing up the lyrics to “Amazing Grace”? Although she was correct by saying “wench like me”. #LoveTheIrony #Me Me Me Melissa.

    5. Guest says:

      Oh please please get rid of whining fake ass melissa , kathy yikes she’s a snooze fest , and bring in someone new and interesting!

    6. Tess Abraham Lincoln says:

      Put Kathy on the Manzo spin off please–that will help it be cancelled even faster! lol Yes the Gorga’s ruined this show…very dark and FAKE. Bring back Danielle and Dina for starters.

    7. Tess Abraham Lincoln says:

      PS: The only court proceedings I want to follow is the Laurita’s!!!

    8. donna says:

      News Flash. It turned out that Saint Teresa are behind the rumors.

    9. Maggie says:

      Bring back Teresa and her husband fire the rest of the garbage on the show especially the manzo’s they make me want to puke and I don’t’ watch anything they are on.

      • Aliyah Fabrizio says:

        I wish they’d fire the Manzos. They have no place on the show any longer. Their first season was good, but only went downhill from then on. Kathy & Richie are oh so boring. Richie’s a disgusting pervert & I can’t stand the way in which he speaks of Teresa. He’s suppose to be a man, but he’s a wimp talking about women like that. I loved the scene between Joe & Rosie the other night. The two of them need to hang out more often.

    10. $102890 says:

      So typical, the same people come to every web site about the RHONJ to bash everyone but St. Teresa, saint of all morons. Something is serious wrong with people who love a liar and cheat. Of course she has been accused of hiring people to tweet and comment on gossip sites. So how much do you get paid? She and her husband are crude and are raising their children to hate. That’s who you find entertaining? You have to be paid trolls because it makes no sense otherwise and you use the exact same comments on each site, so you must be working from a script.

    11. Michael Kays says:

      The show IS Teresa, Melissa, and the two Joes; all the others are uninteresting ‘filler’. Watching the recent reruns of past seasons, I’d forgotten how interesting Danielle made the show; it’s been downhill since she left. They need to bring her back ASAP.

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