Elton John: Miley’s Outrageous Antics Are Selling Records

Posted on September 25th, 2013 at 5:33 pm


Elton John, who is known for his spectacular ballads and his flashy style, is defending Miley Cyrus' "weird performance" at the VMAs.

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"Let me tell you what worked at the VMAs," he tells Ellen DeGeneres. "Miley Cyrus went on and performed like she did. And the whole purpose of the VMAs when you got all these big artists competing against each other for attention is to flatten the opposition. She flattened the opposition. No body talked about anybody else except Miley."

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And the results were astounding. "She has two records in the top ten and the number one single," he says.

In the end he says, "It was a controversial performance that got everyone talking … And that’s what it’s supposed to do."

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