Did Kanye West Get A Penis Implant?

Posted on September 16th, 2013 at 5:45 am
Still A Rumor


kanye-westIt's rare for a Hollywood star not to have plastic surgery these days, but has one star gone too far?

One Kanye West groupie gal alleges to MediaTakeOut that the rapper got himself a penis implant -- yes, a penis implant.

MTO claims a woman, whom they do not name, wrote to the website claiming that she slept with West around 2004 and that "the sex wasn't all that and he was 'lacking' downstairs."

The woman continues to add that she slept with him again two years later and "his d*ck was bigger... a good 3-4 inches longer and was a little thicker than the first time they had met." She dished that it's "possible for guys to get 'd*ck-implants' and that Kanye definitely got one done!"

So, we're not quite sure if the rapper will even acknowledge such an outrageous and if true, embarrassing, claim, but RumorFix has reached out for comment regardless.

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    1. okccw says:

      That’s funny! I remember when Kim was finding out the sex of baby North and the Dr said it was a girl because he didn’t see a penis. Kim made sure she said something to the effect Kanye is HUGE because if it were a boy you would for sure see the baby’s penis! It would be damn funny if true, no way will he admit it.

    2. okccw says:

      Omg so I googled penile Implant Then image search…Don’t do it!

    3. LightningGuy says:

      Guys – with or without implants – need to pay attention to the health of their tools; using a superior penis health crème with vital amino acids can address common penis issues like dry skin, odor, etc.

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