Dexter Wraps Up It’s Eight Year Run (Beware Spoilers Inside)

Posted on September 23rd, 2013 at 11:01 am

dexUnless you were a die-hard Dexter fan you might have missed the series finale Sunday night (after all, it was opposite the Primetime Emmy Awards, The penultimate Breaking Bad episode and NFL football).  But in case you missed the serial killer for the sake of good drama wrap up it's eighth and final season on Showtime, here's what went down:

**Beware spoilers ahead!***

Michael C. Hall's title character Dexter decided to settle down with Hannah and his son Harrison but stays in Miami to kill off serial killer brain surgeon Oliver Saxon.  Hannah and Harrison head to Argentina where Dexter is supposed to join them. But he doesn't.

Dex's final kill is his sister Deb. She's suffered a massive stroke and is brain dead. He pulls the plug on his sis, tells her he loves her then escapes with her body which he takes aboard his boat Slice of Life for a burial at sea. Even though there's a hurricane going on.

Dexter drives his boat straight into it. His boat is later found wrecked. The rest of the cast thinks he's dead. That appears to be the end of the show.  But wait....

The story comes back with a bearded Dexter apparently now in Oregon working on a logging operation.  He finishes his shift. He doesn't talk to anybody. He goes home. He sits in an empty room. He stares into the camera, empty and totally alone.  Now the show ... and series are officially over.

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