Demi Lovato: Twerking Needs To Disappear

Posted on September 4th, 2013 at 4:30 am

The Grand Opening of Topshop Topman LA at The GroveEnough with twerking already!

Demi Lovato took to Twitter on Tuesday to express her extreme distaste in Miley Cyrsu' all-time favorite dance move.

The X Factor judge tweeted, “Can the world stop talking about twerking please?” 

And before people started to accuse Demi of taking a stab at Miley through her tweet, the singer shot down that rumor before it even got started. She wrote, “Btw – no shade thrown," she added. "Don’t even try to start that crap. Haha… the term twerking just needs to disappear like the word swag does too...  I just don’t know what happened to the word ‘dancing’…. Can I getta amen?!!”


    • Guest

      AMEN!!!! Can we add “dawwwwg” to that list please!

    • Zoey

      I don’t think dawwwwwg should but twerking definitely needs to stop.