Brandy Norwood Puts Marriage On Hold After Prenup Dispute?

Posted on September 10th, 2013 at 6:03 am
Still A Rumor

brandyLast year RumorFix reported that Brandy Norwood was engaged to Ryan Press, but now one tabloid is reporting that the singer has put a halt on following through with the walking down the isle part.

"Brandy and her fiance Ryan Press have decided to put their marriage on hold," reporters the website, adding, "The two are still dating but marriage just may not be in the cards for these two. Why, you ask . . .. money!!!"

"According to one of Brandy's close friends Brandy and Ryan both hired lawyers to try and hash out a "fair" prenuptial agreement. Both Ryan and Brandy have paper. Brandy's paper we all know about. But Ryan made a little bit too as a record producer." The snitch told, "Ryan basically doesn't want a prenup, He's like we both have, so if we divorce we split it all in half. Brandy's no dummy so she's holding out."

We're not sure if we quite buy this one, but RumorFix has calls out to B's rep to confirm the news.

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    1. Langa says:

      i just love brandy

    2. guest says:

      So she stayed with this guy even after she knew he was using her and after her money. She can’t be that desperate for this guy to marry her. He’ll probably dump her if she doesn’t agree with what he wants, but she will probably agree to give him half just to keep him around.

    3. Tyler Taylor says:

      Oh Well, sad to hear but, if I were Ryan, Id MArry her on her terms, I mean if you have your and she has her’s if it doesnt work out, you lose nothing financially and neither does she. I wouldnt ask Brandy to split everything in half, only what we buy 50/50 would be required to split but, if he moves into her house, I wouldnt ask her to split that with me nor any item she has prior to our marriage nor after and vice versa. Only if he/her buy a home together 50/50 should he require a split. Just go in and leave the marriage with whats yours unless you buy things 50/50! To me, it wouldnt matter if I really wanted to marry her at all. She has alot of $ but, mainly she has stardom as well. Ryan is very successful as well, he doesnt need her money at all nor she his so, the truth is, i doubt the real reason for disagreeing is money, maybe he just decided not to marry! Marriage is a headache or a paradise and most marriages end up headaches because people arent honest, at least they arent marrying to avoid future issues. I hope the best for them both but, its clear there are bumps in the relationship the addressed before it was to late!!!!! Maybe theres someone out there for them both that fits there desires!!!LGNM

    4. TeamBrandy says:

      I don’t see why this wedding is on hold. Ryan claims that they both have $, so why not do the Prenup…you keep what’s yours and I keep what’s mine. Even if he doesn’t have any money, he is in it for love and should still sign the Prenup for Brandy to keep what’s hers and anything they build after the marriage should then be 50/50.

    5. Tammi Betteroffsingle Clay says:

      To be honest I wouldn’t marry him all if I were Brandy. We all know she has worked very hard for years since she was a kid, to have all she has. I would only split what we buy together while married, not everything, that’s just greedy as hell. Sounds like he’s only marrying her for what he can get out of it if it doesn’t work out. If she gives in he will probably do everything in his power to make sure it didn’t work out just to get his greedy hands on everything she own. Better think wisely Brandy, cause I see red flags flying in this situation. You have think about yourself and your child, trust you don’t need a man that bad hunny.

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