Big Brother’s Kaitlin Barnaby & Jeremy McGuire Break Up — Exclusive

Posted on September 20th, 2013 at 12:51 pm
Still A Rumor


During the taping of Big Brother, Kaitlin Barnaby and Jeremy McGuire were accused of having a showmance -- a romance just for the show.

And RumorFix has learned that may be true.

The former couple was at a Wrap Party for Big Brother at Eleven Nightclub in West Hollywood and an eyewitness tells us "Jeremy said he's not with Kaitlin anymore. They live in two separate states. It was just a showmance."

They both were at the event, but an insider says they weren't talking to each other all night.

They were joined by Judd Daugherty, David Girton, Elissa Slater and her sister, Big Brother All Star Rachel Reilly, who hosted the party.

Judd and Jeremy -- who are both straight-- were shocked when they found out they were in a gay bar. And, our eyewitness says Kaitlin also revealed that she doesn't talk to Aaryn Gries anymore. We're also told that some of the reality stars from year's past weren't allowed into the VIP room.

It seems the CBS cameras missed an opportunity for even more drama.

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    1. Jeremy Kaitlin Fan says:

      You guys have your facts completely wrong. First of all whomever your insider source is, is lying their ass off. Jeremy was asked about this today and completly denies ever saying this. Secondly this was never a “for show” showmance they both developed real feelings in the house and are currently dating and trying to figure out the distance issue. Not only does Jeremy adore Kaitlin but his entire family does as well and can’t wait to meet her. He’s already been to Vegas and spent a week with her and he’s back this weekend to spend more time with Kaitlin. Not more than 24 hours before Jeremy susposedly said what you claim he said, he was giving an interview where he talked about how he and Kaitlin are pursuing a relationship. You want to be a respected blogger, then maybe you should consider wording your quotes as “unconfirmed” and “a source claims to have heard…” Not labeling your stories as “yes it’s true”. Makes you look like idiots.

    2. trell says:

      something doesnt sound they are in a relationship but theyre trying to figure things out.i dont see this relationship lasting long.have you seen a pictire of them together since wed. no.i give this relationship 6 months max.she likes to hang around former houseguests and party too much.

      • Jeremy Kaitlin Fan says:

        No i said they are tring to figure out the distance issue, as all couples in a long distance realtionship do. And if you checked out twitter and FB you’d see they’ve posted a few photos of them together since wednesday, including ones from Vegas where he is with her now.

        • Alisa says:

          How much time are those two spending in Vegas? It’s silly. They were partying there in August as well – we ran into them. A relationship built on partying together in Vegas isn’t how you make long distance work.

        • Runningheidi says:

          LOL! Stalking the two of them! WHY do you care so much as to post one right after another. Get a life. LOL!

    3. trell says:

      stop trying to make this relationship can tell she doesnt want to be with him i liked her until when she was evicted.she show her true feelings when she talked to julie that night.

      • Jeremy Kaitlin Fan says:

        I don’t need to make anything happen, it’s already happening they are together right now partying in Vegas. As for what she said to Julie she came out publicly and apologized to Jeremy for being dismissive and said she didn’t mean it, she was just upset at being evicted. Honestly I, nor they need to prove anything to you, I posted to call out this article as a lie and I did, so have fun trolling around the net trying to spread lies and hate.

    4. trell says:

      theyll be broken up by the new year.oh and by the way james is there too.

    5. Misty says:

      Who really cares. He’s Eddie Munster look-a-like and she, well she’s just GROSS!

    6. ANNETTE SEFCIK says:


    7. trell says:

      they have broken look at katlins twitter message

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