Amber Portwood Only Serving One Year Of Her Five Year Prison Sentence

Posted on September 27th, 2013 at 4:50 am

amberpAnd early release from jail for Amber Portwood looks promising.

The Teen Mom star, who opted for a five year prison sentence over rehab and probation, will allegedly be released from Indiana Department of Corrections within the next few months.

The 23-year-old’s brother Shawn Portwood took to Twitter Thursday to confirm the good news, saying that he received an email from the IDOC regarding her early release. Shawn wrote, “Congratulations sis. I am so happy that you are finally being released. You did everything you needed to do to get out long before 5 years.”

We hope Amber can stay clean and out of trouble.

    • Diane

      she’s already spent more time in jail for her own drug issue than most rapists get. 5 years was an absurd sentence.

      • donnecontro [nick collettivo]

        She spent only one year, not five. I don’t know any rapist who spent less time; a man sentenced for “rape” to 18 months, entirely spent, was sentenced only because he tampered a preservative.

    • Brandy Westermeyer

      I looked online and she will actually be released Monday November 4th. Since she is scheduled to be released on a Wednesday they will release her on Monday according to the Website.;jsessionid=NcOS_gajga-63B1Gfu?lname=Portwood&fname=Amber&search1.x=62&search1.y=15