Billy Ray Cyrus Gives Approval To Miley’s Raunchy VMA appearance?

Posted on August 26th, 2013 at 8:56 am
Still A Rumor


So while the rest of the world recoiled in horror as Miley twerked and rubbed up against Robin Thicke  at MT'V's Video Music Awards Sunday night - where she used a foam finger as a dirty prop, her lizard thrusting tongue as a co-star, and her strip down to a flesh colored latex two-piece was just an all-around fail....her celeb dad seemed to be okay with it all.

Billy Ray Cyrus wasn't there but tweeted "Thanking God for so many blessings tonight. Continue to pray for world peace. More love ...less hate."

Umm, Billy, Miley's performance isn't going to bring world peace...or less hate.  Especially among celebs in the crowd who were stunned - and not in a good way - over her display.

Less hate isn't going to come anytime soon Billy Ray.

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    1. JLK says:

      Career OVER. How embarrassing. She cant dance, sing,or rap and put on the single most pathetic award winning show I have ever seen.A disgrace to the music industry. She ;looks like a clown! Repugnant, she will be crying her eyes out on a talk show in a few years. And her agent and set designer, costume designer should be FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Shane says:

      Her performance was a total disgrace. She definetly played the part of a female devil horns and all. I can’t believe they showed this trash on the television. Robin you should have known she was raunchy and you shouldn’t have performed with her. She took away from your performance and your wife should have slapped the crap out of both of you. If her parents supported her performance they are ignorant also. No class

    3. shag12 says:

      Who cares about “celebrities in audience stunned”? Many of them are hiphopers, or who, Rhianna. Most of them make vulgar and lewd videos, or live that lifestyle. This is just the bent many in the entertainment industry are on. I’m not mad at her.

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