Valerie Harper’s Miracle

Posted on August 29th, 2013 at 12:47 pm


We are so glad doctors were wrong about Valerie Harper.

In March, the 74-year-old star of The Mary Tyler Moore Show was given three to six months to live. She has proved them all wrong, she's in her sixth month now -- and we are happy to report that she may actually go into remission.

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Valerie, who is reportedly a contestant on the next season of Dancing with the Stars, has brain cancer, but her doctor, Jeremy Rudnick, said on Thursday's Today Show, "I'd say that we're getting pretty close to remission. It defies the odds."

 Valerie explained, "It's not curable, there's no question. It has to be managed."

The beloved sitcom star added, "I think infinite possibility is beautiful in every area. A lot of stuff that looks impossible is not."

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      God Bless her …

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