Sydney Leathers: ‘I Do Not Have HIV’

Posted on August 23rd, 2013 at 8:01 am



Sexting expert-turned-porn star Sydney Leathers does not have HIV, she tells RumorFix and she has provide a picture of her results to prove it.

The Indiana native, who became famous for sexting with Anthony Weiner, just released her first full-blown porn video called Weiner and Me and several gossip blogs reported that she was exposed to HIV during the filming, because her sex partner Xander Corvus recently had sex with another porn star who has tested positive for HIV.

PICTURES: Sydney Leathers Vivid Screen Grabs

Sydney's rep tells RumorFix that the new adult star reached out to the Free Speech Coalition and she was told she was not on the list of talent who were exposed. But since shooting the porn on August 10,  the 23-year-old has taken three tests just to make sure -- and all tests have come back negative.

"I do not have HIV and have not been exposed to HIV regardless of the reports out there saying otherwise," she tells RumorFix. " I was not contacted by the Free Speech Coalition to re-test, I reached out to them to see if I should re test and was told I did not need to. I took all the necessary precautions before and after my scene for Vivid and acted responsibly and therefore was able to protect myself from exposure to anything. As an added precaution I retested two days after my shoot and again yesterday and all tests were negative."

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    1. Retarded Fame Seeker says:

      Sydney Leathers needs to get EDUCATED about how HIV tests work… she won’t be in the clear until 3-6 months from now and she needs to limit her sexual contact with others until then.

      • dave says:

        wrong… stunned.cameron bay didnt test positive on an antibody test initially.she tested positive with a pcr rna test which looks for the virus itself, and the doctor told her that there is no such test as an hiv test.erm yes there is doctor, the test that you used dumbo.and the only time in which an hiv antibody test very rarely takes more than 3 months to show up are those cases where a person has late stage cancer,is on chemo or taking anti rejection drugs for organ transplant which means they have practically zero immune system and even then a combi test would test positive for p24 antigen which is a protein produced on the viral capsule in the early weeks after infection or the pcr test would pick up the virus as with cameron bay.many american agencies havent caught up with the advances in test sensitivity, it would appear that her doctor had absolutely no knowledge of the test which was carried out, he just knew how to read the results, amazing but not uncommon unfortunately………

    2. Now thats called … “Some Kinda Luck”

    3. dave says:

      an hiv duo test will pick up 99 percent of newly infected cases by 28 days,however the makers of all hiv tests are marketed to give a fully conclusive result at 3 months

    4. dave says:

      oraquick tests are not as good as blood tests

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