“Shark Week” Late Night Show To Debut With “Sharknado” Star Tara Reid!

Posted on August 4th, 2013 at 3:27 pm

"Sharknado" - Los Angeles PremiereYou'd think Tara Reid has had enough of sharks after starring in Syfy's unexpectedly popular TV movie Sharknado in July. But, nope!

The actress is set to debut in Discovery channel's Shark Week special, Shark After Dark. The program, hosted by comic Josh Wold, is an hour long talk show for five nights in a row on Shark Week programs that  aired that night.

Wolf, best known as a regular guest on Chelsea Lately,  will be inviting Reid as his celebrity guest on the show. 

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And who could be more excited about Shark Week thank Sharknado's very own Tara Reid? She's perfect for the gig!

“Tara Reid actually reached out and was like, ‘I would love to sit down and be a guest on Shark After Dark, and tell people about how much I loved working on Sharknado and all the things I learned about Great Whites while doing it,’" Discovery’s senior director of development Michael Sorenson said, adding, " [Reid’s] publicist reached out to us and said “Hey, how do we keep this going and keep her in the fold here?’ ”

Shark After Dark will debut Sunday at 11 p.m. EDT.

Keep on sharkin', Tara! 


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