Robin Thicke’s Racy New Video Features Twerking And Foam Fingers, But No Miley

Posted on August 27th, 2013 at 9:31 am


robinAfter Sunday night's MTV Video Music Awards performance featuring Robin Thicke performing Blurred Lines while Miley Cyrus played with herself with a giant foam fan finger and twerked up against him while he wore a referee-style striped suit, many blamed Miley for getting out of control.

But after a look at Robin's new video with 2Chainz for Give It To You, she was only playing along the part that goes with his new song.

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The video features Robin - at times wearing the same black and white striped suit he wore during the VMA performance - surrounded by twerking women, some of them holding foam fan fingers.  Just like Miley at the VMA's...except these ladies can dance unlike awkward Miley.

Oh, and the very R-rated song & video also features his three-year-old son Julian.  Go figure. 

Here's the video but warning, the lyrics are NSFW and the video is pretty racy.


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    1. SuperFash says:

      Notice the “men” in this vid are fully clothed. The “women”, however are half naked and constantly objectified.

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