Richie Sambora: Intervention Rumors Are A Bunch Of BS — Exclusive

Posted on August 28th, 2013 at 11:52 am


Rocker Richie Sambora is coming exclusively to RumorFix to set the record straight on a nasty rumor.

The guitarist is disputing a gossip website's report that Jon Bon Jovi demanded Richie undergo "rehab on the road" before he could be allowed to join the "Because We Can" world tour.

Richie tells RumorFix exclusively, "This is not true. This is the biggest bunch of BS."

As RumorFix first reported Richie is not returning to the tour and he was fired by Jon over money issues.

Richie tells us, "No intervention ever took place. I truly wanted to come back to Bon Jovi for the fans."

The 54-year-old rock legend is in Japan, where he appeared on ShopChannel with his business partner Nikki Lund. We are told his NikkiRich Clothing sold out. "I'm happy," he says, "Business is booming, but I'm sad for the fans."

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    1. John Staples says:

      We didn’t believe Radar anyway. Dirty tactics never wash well with Fans. Jon BJ is scheming to make Richie look bad!!!!!!!!!!

      • Natalia says:

        Both “camps” sucks. I’m a jovi fan for years but I think it sucks to see them act like f*ing kids. Whatever the real issue is, they should man up and deal with it instead of spreading rumors. Including the daughter or the mother of any of them to this mess is pathetic. I’m not sure they’ll be able to become adults before the end of the tour, hopefuly after a real break, everyone will be ready to make music and tour again.

    2. BonJoviTeam says:

      There are fans that have no side, that are waiting for an official statement from the band, there is no team Sambora, there is no team Jon, but one thing is very clear and very pathetic for us: Nikki Lund sending DM’s to Bon Jovi fans, she has no right to do that. One thing is very clear and very pathetic, the Lund-Sean Borg-Rumorfix connection, be sure of one thing, your BS is not going to destroy the legacy of this band and the love we feel FOR ALL THE MEMBERS OF THE BAND. What Richie Sambora needs to do right now is walk away from this pair of losers.

    3. Magda L says:

      It seems so sad that even fans of Bon Jovi are fighting and being nasty to each other on line. Why Attack Nikki Lund for being Richie’s friend. This must be a Jon source writing nasty stuff, horrible things. Some of the tweets these people write is so, so sad. Shame on the so-called fans writing this evil against Richie’s friends. Why would he like you for doing this? I am sure he wouldn’t. Jon is the person that broke this band apart. Now all of you, SUPPORT RICHIE!

    4. DualLeads says:

      Richie takes his stuff to Rumorfix?
      C’mon, people – get a grip!

    5. Who, me? says:

      Shut up, Richie. Tell us the truth, or just shut up.

      • Teri says:

        What truth do you want to hear? The one you believe or the one that IS the truth? If you want to hear the truth go listen to Come Back as Me…

        • Who, me? says:

          You’re so sure of yourself, yet you’re just another fan with an opinion. I want the true version of the truth, not the clouded, dramatic one-dimensional “truths” being spread by tabloid press and obsessive fans. I want to know the actual reason he walked away in April. If I’m to believe Richie is being honest, “Come Back As Me,” doesn’t explain a thing, as he claims it’s not about Jon.

          • Teri says:

            I hate to be the one to tell you. You will never know the truth. It’s a private matter. I guess you missed that memo. For what ever the reason is you have no business knowing. All you need to know is when he is coming back. I have a feeling if you were told the truth you wouldn’t believe it if it didn’t fall into your preconceived ideas of what went down.

            • Who, me? says:

              Lol, you’re adorable. You think you know that much about me from two little comments on a silly gossip article? Is this the way you form your opinions about everything? I guess that explains your one-dimensional ideas about this whole situation. Teripp, I’ve seen your twitter, darling. You’re about as closed-minded as they come.

              It’s also funny how you’re exactly the type of person you’ve accused me of being: you accept the “facts” that suit your impression of Richie as being the innocent victim (and Jon the big bad monster) and reject everything else, regardless of how legitimate the source is. On top of it, you twist facts and rumors around until they fit your own ideals. That’s not the truth, Teri. It’s your own mind. Sorry to break it to you, but nothing in life is that one-sided. And nobody is as one-dimensional as you make Jon and Richie out to be.

              At least I acknowledge the fact that I don’t know the truth. You seem to believe you do. Unfortunately for you and your friends, believing it doesn’t make it true. Like I said, you’re just another fan and your opinion is one in 100,000,000. Pretty insignificant, huh?

            • Teri says:

              Wow. So you think it’s okay so give out information about me because I don’t agree with your thinking? I guess you have nothing better to do.If you don’t like my thinking why are you looking up my twitter and posting it ?

              How can you think a personal matter will become public because you think it should? Personal and Private is just that.

              I’m not the only one with this opinion. But a good thing about living in America is that I can and do have my own opinion. And can state it anywhere anyhow I want. Love being in a free world.

              It’s significant to me and that’s all that matters. You and your small mind don’t matter in the least in the scheme of things.Why would I care how significant it is? Remember it’s MY opinion.

              How can I twist facts and rumors in two posts? You must be psychic.

              Done with you and this insane conversation. Please with my sincerity I wish you Have A Nice Day…

      • Spike_Zombie says:

        Why don’t YOU shut up ?? Bleeding hell , what’s wrong with you ??

    6. buttforfun says:

      I like that Richie is moving on with his life JBJ is a douche for runing our beloved band 🙁

    7. jimmy timko says:

      Richie is NOTHING without Bon Jovi – the guitarist from Springsteen tried to do the same think in its heyday but died on a freaking vine – good riddins Richie or may I say, RIP!

    8. katzemawi says:

      Hmmm….I wonder that Richie says he wanted to come back…So his “personal issues” are resolved? and what is stopping him now? Some may say Jon, but it is a rumor….nobody knows…just wondering

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