Richie Sambora Fired From Bon Jovi Tour — World Exclusive

Posted on August 21st, 2013 at 1:34 pm


Bon Jovi fans brace yourselves.

Guitarist Richie Sambora IS NOT returning to tour with Bon Jovi this year -- he's been fired from the tour, RumorFix has learned exclusively.

Sources close to the band tell us it's all about money. We are told just like any DIVORCE, their differences are irreconcilable.

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Richie, who has been a member of the band for 30 years, was making $2 million a month and 20 percent of the profits after each show. His replacement Philip 'Phil X' Xenidis is only making $10,000 a month.

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But don't think Richie is going broke -- since he co-wrote most of the songs and since his likeness appears on merchandise, he continues to get royalty checks.

Our source says, "Richie wants to go back on stage -- that's his first love. He's really upset over the news."

UPDATE: Richie and Jon's camps are not commenting on the story, but Phil X tweeted "you know how I know is full of sh*t? I wouldn't even leave my house for that salary."

We stand by our story.

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    1. Alisa says:

      Meh. If he really was fired, he deserves it. He’s been acting like a spoiled little brat for the last few months. Phil X is more entertaining anyway.

      • DJ says:

        And if that is all Phil X is really making he deserves at least 4 times that amount.

        • Rock Lancaster says:

          What are his options, to go back to flipping burgers or hustling at gay clubs? $10K a month is a fortune for a guy with no other skills.

      • Orlando Acosta Juarez says:

        only cuz john’s been trash talking him

        • Jule says:

          Jon didn’t “trash talk,” Richie. He made one little comment people took way out of context. Richie has been trash talking the band since he started promoting his solo album a year ago, and Richie is the one who has been egging on this drama for months, playing the victim, acting like a whiny child. It’s actually pathetic. He desperately needs to grow up.

          • Orlando Acosta Juarez says:

            i really think both of them need to grow up jon because of his ego and love for money and richie for quitting the way he wanted richie also said he wants to come back and jon said he could come back anytime he wanted but it really pains me to see them fighting like little kids after 30 years of writing together in my opinion they should just kiss and make up already

          • CeltincOne says:

            Again, show me the proof.. your word/opinion shows me nothing solid from the band.

      • CeltincOne says:

        How is Richie acting like a spoiled brat? Do you sit in a room with he and Jon when they discuss business? *eye rolling*

        • Jule says:

          Have you been paying attention at all for the last five months? It’s pretty obvious to anyone thinking clearly.

          • mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmadia says:

            You’re probably a woman in her 50’s fighting with someone over the internet about a shitty band, AJ Minette’s guitar playing > Bon Jovi

          • CeltincOne says:

            Well, I do not LIVE for gossip about Bon Jovi but I am fully aware of the strife within the band. So, since Richie refuses to put up with anymore of Jon’s bullcrap, that makes Richie a spoiled brat. If you watch the the documentary that aired about Bon Jovi, one can CLEARLY see Jon’s issues. I will suggest that YOU take off YOUR rose colored JBJ glasses.. hypocrite!

    2. DJ says:

      I say bull crap to this story, after all rumors but I agree Richie is all about himself and could careless about what he did to the fans of Bon Jovi or to the rest of the band. So all these years “Jon” is his brother and then he stabs him in the back. Richie wants a solo career, still hasn’t been able to do it after three not hitting records so don’t know why he thinks he can now. Jon made him what he is today, he was a replacement to another guitar player, he is lucky Jon took him, yes he helps writes the songs, but really Richie you are nothing without Jon and the rest of the band.

      • HelloThere says:

        And listen to my words: Jon is nothing without Richie. The band will be fail tremendously. They need each other.

      • oacosta says:

        Actually I’d rather listen to richies solo work than bon jovi’s latest album jon would be nothing without richie want proof??? here’s an example LIVIN ON A PRAYER!!!!!! jon wasnt even gonna put that song on the album and richie convinced him to put it and ironically it became their signature song want more proof??? their ticket sales have not been that good since richie left they even had to cancel a show in cleaveland because of poor ticket sales

      • Guest says:

        id rather listen to richie’s solo work than bon jovi’s latest album and last time i checked jon also opted for a solo career jon wouldnt be where he is without richie want proof??? LIVIN ON A PRAYER!!! jon wasn’t even gonna put it on the album but richie convinced him to and ironically it became their signature song want more proof??? their ticket sales have not been that good they even had to cancel a show in clevelasnd due to poor ticket sales

    3. Realitycheck says:

      Honestly I think people should open their eyes and consider maybe Jon boy might not be the best working mate, the way I see it, things have always been all about Jon and I don’t think he wants it any other way.

      • Jule says:

        Tico, David, Hugh, Bobby, Jon’s entire solo band, and the entire crew (including Richie’s guitar tech and Richie’s wardrobe assistant) have stuck by Jon. Richie is the only one with a problem here.

        If Richie was having a problem with Jon, he should have handled it like an adult instead of throwing a temper tantrum and trying to fight it out publicly.

        • Realitycheck says:

          That is one way to look at it, another is that they could be protecting their bank accounts, remember Jon has referred to himself as being CEO of a major corporation, as a huge fan in the last few years my love is fading, and his reference to a corporation rather than a band played quite a part in that so honestly I could not pin all blame on Richie, ok he may not be entirely innocent but were it me in the band (if I had the luck to be born with talent) I would be a bit disappointed that the main spokesperson of the band does not seem to be about the music anymore.

          • Jule says:

            That CEO comment was taken out of context. He was talking to someone about buying a football team; he needed to sell himself as a businessman. It had nothing to do with music and everything to do with Jon’s desire to own an NFL team.

            If Jon was that bad to work for, Richie wouldn’t be the only one with a problem. There are literally hundreds of people involved. I have a hard time believing every single one of them would be loyal to Jon/the band solely because of money. If you believe this article, they aren’t being paid that well anyway.

            As a huge fan since “Crush,” I’ve lost more and more faith in Richie since his fiasco of a solo album/tour. The cancelled shows, the lying, the drama with the merch, the putting down the band – all of that was unacceptable to me as a fan, and Richie continues to act like the victim, which just rubs salt in the wound. Walking out on the band was bad enough. The way he’s been acting since is the final straw.

            • Realitycheck says:

              That’s fair enough, I can see it from both perspectives, of late I am finding Jon to be very very false though and really am losing faith. Nobody is perfect I just wish people would realise that there are 2 sides to every story and we can’t know what goes on behind closed doors. I was never a big Richie fan but I doubt very much Richie is the only one to blame in this situation and it could well be that he has had enough of playing second fiddle too!
              Tico and David have both worked solo too with their own music, I guess their profile just isn’t as high for it to be seen as having a negative affect on the band, actually all of their solo work is quite good and I reckon any of their experiences can only benefit the band, however I wouldn’t be surprised if Jon was the type that would listen to nobody but no. 1.
              Don’t get me wrong, I know Jon has done some great things, worked with fantastic charities and given loads back and I respect him for that but I never ever for a second believe the impressions given of a super clean living wholesome happy person, everyone makes mistakes and without owning up to moments of humanity I often find there is something being buried.
              That’s just my opinion though.

            • CeltincOne says:

              Jon isn’t that wonderful.. check out his history as a bee farmer so he doesn’t have to pay property taxes (or lower taxes) on the mansion he lives in.. shady.

            • Jule says:

              Another silly thing that was blown way out of proportion. It’s cool, though. I get that the Richie crazies have to throw all of Jon’s mistakes out there to make Richie look better. 😉

            • CeltincOne says:

              Silly? Blown out of proportion? How so? Please, present your facts and I will present the TRUE facts!

        • CeltincOne says:

          And you know this becaaaause?

    4. John Staples says:

      At least now we know that John is the one breaking up the band we know and love! I want my money back. Bon Jovi are NOT the same band without Richie’s talents. This is BS!

      • Jule says:

        Richie broke up the band when he walked away.

        • CeltincOne says:

          No Richie stood up for himself…. JBJ is a narcissist!!!

          • Jule says:

            That’s a pretty major accusation, CeltincOne. I suggest you study up on psychology before you start throwing that word around so casually.

            As far as who has the bigger ego, it’s clearly Richie. After all, Richie is the one constantly bragging about how many albums he’s sold, how many people he’s played for, complimenting himself and going on about how generally great he is. It’s always been a little embarrassing to listen to him talk himself up, but lately it’s just gotten ridiculous.

            • CeltincOne says:

              Not an accusation, it’s fact and I am not throwing it around casually.. I say it with confidence!! Your opinion is just that OPINION and everyone is entitled to their own. MY opinion doesn’t happen to agree with yours Julie.. keep drinking the John Bongiovi kool-aid!

      • Anna Lvua says:

        This can not be true… how can Richie be fired from his own band? Plus like Matt Bongiovi keeps saying – unless the story comes from one them (ie. Bon Jovi) everything else are just that, rumors!

        • aer23 says:

          It’s not his band. It’s Jon’s band.

          • oacosta says:

            its THEIR band cuz last time i checked richie tico david jon and hugh are just as integral as each other richie co wrote most of the songs and it’s a fact jon or the band woudnt be where they are if it wasn’t for richie who co wrote most of the songs

            • aer23 says:

              Truth: it’s Jon’s band. The rest of the band members are literally his employees. Brush up on your Bon Jovi facts before you start posting. You just make yourself look ignorant to those of us who know better.

          • Guest says:

            WRONG!!! it’s their band last time i checked jon isn’t the only member in bon jovi their are 4 other individuals called richie tico hugh and david

        • Aussiefan says:

          Stop taking notice of these no nothing so called journos Unless Jon or Richie say , then nothing is official.

          • Rock Lancaster says:

            What the hell are you talking about? Sambora hasn’t been seen with Bon Jovi for over 6 1/2 months. It speaks for itself.

      • LORI says:


    5. S23 says:

      A source that I have even closer to the band says this is BS hahaha very credilble story

    6. RockingRonnie says:

      A source I have sooo close to Tico tells me that sadly this story is true. Richie wants back in Bon Jovi and has tried so hard to make peace but Jon has cock-blocked Richie’s EVERY move. This sucks big donkey balls man!! Jon’s full of BSSSSS!!!!

    7. Jule says:

      A source close to Jon Bon Jovi (his brother) denies it.

    8. CeeCee says:

      I love Richie to death, but there are two sides to every story. I do feel tho JBJ has been letting everyone down as of late, consistently denying any problem, even when his own actions completely contradict himself. He just refers to ask Richie, as though everything is on his shoulders, and makes sly digs at him. JBJ is blatantly lying in interviews, is it so hard to say, we’re working on our issues or something, rather than “honest to god there’s no problem?”

      • Realitycheck says:

        well said.

      • Jule says:

        Let’s not forget how much Richie has let everyone down; walking away from the tour, cancelling his solo shows and then lying about it, telling fans if they bought tickets to his LA show he’d add more shows in other cities (WTF?); not to mention missing a month of the last tour as well. He’s proven himself to be completely unreliable, and he hasn’t exactly been consistent with his story here either. First he said he had some personal things to take care of. Then he said he and Jon didn’t have the “synergy” right now. Then he said he was “burnt out.” Which is it, Richie? In July, he said he’d be back in September and then he retracted that statement the next day. He’s not the victim he pretends he is.

        • CeltincOne says:

          You are so one sided that it’s ridiculous…. stop kissing Jon’s ass~~~

          • Jule says:

            …and you can’t construct a logical argument in favor of Richie, so you start throwing around insults. Come back when you have something intelligent to say.

    9. fraggle says:

      JBJ has always been about the money..
      Look at what he did to Skid Row back in the late 80’s early 90’s

    10. Thomasina Sunshine Ruth says:

      I want my band back. I have been a fan for 28 years. I have been at times called a rabid fan, but I just cannot support the current version of this band. It kinda feels like my 2 dads have split up. No matter who you replace Richie with it won’t be the same and the bands sound is going to suffer for it. Honestly don’t know if I will go to anymore concerts if they don’t repair the rift.

    11. CeeCee says:

      How do we know he wasn’t fired, rather than walk away? they are both contradicting themselves all the time. They both seem to be trying to hide something.

    12. Scott W. says:

      I agree with Anna, last time I checked the band was called Bon Jovi, not Jon Bongiovi and Band. As far as I can see, the band is comprised of the 4 very talented dudes. So how Richie really be fired from a band that is 1/4 his? Also, the new album, is mostly comprised of songs that Richie wrote and produced…. very interesting times ahead.

      • aer23 says:

        The band has only ever been Jon’s. Since the very beginning, the other guys have been his employees.

      • aer23 says:

        Richie only co-wrote 4/12 songs on the new album. That’s hardly “mostly” his.

        • Jule says:

          This is true. And if you take the deluxe edition into account, he only co-wrote 4 out of 15 songs. That’s not even enough to consider him a major contributor to the album. Jon Bon Jovi, on the other hand, wrote or co-wrote all 15.

    13. Whipple says:

      Rumor has it that Richie supplied the drugs to Bon Jovi’s daughter when she od’ed.Just a rumor!

    14. $5946421 says:

      I haven’t seen enough to know what is true here.. but I do know this, Bon Jovi without Sambora is not really Bon Jovi. Face it, he is an integral and indispensible part of the band. To me, at least. Tickets anyone?

    15. person says:

      For such a talented guitar player, Richie sure hitched his wagon to a 100% toolbag named JBJ.
      Then again, his ego might be just as big as JBJ’s…remember how they treated Alec John Such?
      I will file this news under the ‘who cares?’ column…

      • CeltincOne says:

        I’ll be the first to say that I care because I have been a fan well before they “hit the big time” but you’re right, JBJ treated Alec like the dirt on the bottom of his shoe!!

    16. Guest says:

      Who gives a crap? Bon Jovi haven’t had a hit in a decade. I stopped caring a long time ago.

    17. HelloThere says:

      I would go see Bon Jovi because of Sambora, but now I won’t anymore. The band will be dead in no time. Jon Bon Jovi cannot hold the fans by himself. PS: I am a not Peter, just his wife. 🙂

    18. Orlando Acosta Juarez says:

      oh well it was fun while it sted bon jovi are through and might as well wrap it up most of the songs were co written by richie and the chemistry between him and jon cannot be replaced bon jovi is going down the same road G N R went when it became axl rose band two original members down the drain (Alec & Richie)

    19. aer23 says:

      Phil X says the article is BS, and that he wouldn’t even leave his house for that salary.

    20. Aussiefan says:

      WHat a load of crap you write! Is it official? NO….. Why would any decent Bon Jovi fan take note of the tabloid gutter rubbish you put up? Seriously stop writing garbage and get your facts right. Nothing has been said, no OFFICIAL news from the Bon Jovi management or Jon or Richie themselves.

    21. qonc1 says:

      Why are they paying the replacement such a low fee (relatively). Ten Grand seems pretty low. Why don’t they give him 20k per month? It’s the least they can do, he’s got some heavy lifting to do on this tour!

      • Rock Lancaster says:

        If he doesn’t like it, he can quit. He hasn’t quit, which tells you $10K a month is $10K a month more than he’d be making if he’d stayed home. Which I assume was a cardboard box until Bon Jovi offered him a job.

    22. RIPTRACK says:

      If it’s their band, then why does Jon make all the business decisions. Jon has already admitted that he makes more than the rest because of the additional duties he takes on from the business side of the band……They don’t split the pot evenly. Jon mentioned that in their documentary that was out a couple of years ago.

      • CeltincOne says:

        It is NOT “their” band.. it si Jon’s band, well documented that is has always been Jon’s band and HIS brand. That is his words, “my band, my brand”, it was on a documentary…look it up.

        • jovigirl4ever says:

          OMG. Bon Jovi will go on without Sambora. He is not irreplaceable. I went to a concert where Phil X was playing and he is amazing. I didn’t miss Richie at all. Why do you think the band has been together for 30 years? Jon hasn’t had to take time off to straighten himself out. He runs the band like a business. If you didn’t show up for work, would your boss be so forgiving? I doubt it. Richie is no martyr.

    23. Moon Lau says:

      Bon Jovi without Richie is like Gun n Roses without Slash !

    24. Jule says:

      Rumor Fix itself just admitted the story is not true.

      • Rumor Fix says:

        Jule — don’t misinterpret the tweet — the story is completely confirmed and vetted through our news gathering process. We however are continuing to get Jon Bon Jovi or Richie Sambora to go on the record with a reaction.

    25. Teri says:

      Ummmm Who confirmed this???

    26. Rock Lancaster says:

      I hope his wig is still able to find work, the streets can be rough.

    27. TomBongj says:

      So get this. I was just told that Jon is planning to ruin Richie. How fricking mean is that!!!!!!!! That guy has killed his own band. The Sunshine office is spreading all kinds of BS around about Richie. They just fired a guy for talking to Richie. I know Jon very well and I ain’t supported views nor will I ever. Dorothea has a lot to answer for. Jon you should, bottom line, not be doing this to Richie, none of us in the band agree with you. And yes Phil X… Your paycheck is $10,000 and this scandal has made you famous! Don’t tweet BS!

    28. sia says:

      Richie is a millionaire times over this is not about money…Jon will never speak to Richie again despite 30 yr history together, involves drugs and a family member.
      Richie screwed up big time it cost him to get fired forever.

    29. Parion says:

      I don’t usually leave comments on sights like this so this is a first. As ET,Entertainment Weekly, or even TMZ have not said one word about it I will wait for better sources.

    30. Jessie4324 says:

      They should change the name of the tour to “Because We CAN’T get along”. Jon’s comment about Richie not being irreplaceable like U2’s Edge is just unacceptable. Jon just cares about the money. Just buy your NFL team Jon and move on. You have lost your fan base and will never fill stadiums in the US on your own.

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