Prince George’s Birth Cerificate And Kate Middleton’s Official Occupation

Posted on August 2nd, 2013 at 9:37 am

princessHe's less than two weeks old but Prince George's birth certificate has been made public.  And other than a glaring grammatical error, one of the interesting details is what Kate Middleton's "occupation" is listed as.

Her job according to the document is "Princess of the United Kingdom."  That's one hell of an impressionable occupation.

A registrar went to Kensington Palace in London to take down the baby's birth information and it became public record on Friday.

However the clerk who filled out the document might want to look up the word "suite." It's definition is "a connected series of rooms to be used together."    Kate delivered George in a birthing "suite" but the document reads she had the baby in a "sweet."  A very bad grammatical error...but very cute at the same time.princess1


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    1. Ruby says:

      it says ‘street’ not ‘sweet’! Praed street Westminster is the street the hospital is on.

      • erin says:

        Good point, Ruby! And it does say street..
        On the birth certificate, they usually don’t put ‘suite’.. it’s normally a given if a hospital birth lol.

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