VIDEO: Oprah Winfrey Releases Clip Of Tough New Questions For Lindsay Lohan

Posted on August 8th, 2013 at 3:15 pm


Oprah Winfrey released a brand new promo Thursday for her exclusive sit-down with troubled but freshly rehabbed actress Lindsay Lohan and we're getting a taste of the line of questions that Lindsay will be answering.

The new clip features Oprah asking pointed questions but no responses from Lindsay herself, just reaction shots of her looking concerned and reflective.

We got a brief taste of Lindsay getting grilled by Oprah in a clip earlier this week when she asked the 27-year-old "Are you an addict? as well as "What's it like to be both an adjective and a verb for child star gone wrong?" Ouch!

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Among the new questions that the Mighty O asks in the new clip are:

"Do you think you're addicted to chaos?"

"What is going to be different?"

"When you get the first DUI, is that a wake up call?"

"What do you know about yourself now that you wish you'd known six rehabs ago?'

We'll get Lindsay's answers to those tough questions when the interview airs on Oprah's Next Chapter on the OWN network August 18.


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