Miley Cyrus’ VMA Wedgie Compared To A Raw Naked Chicken Butt!

Posted on August 30th, 2013 at 5:30 am

milEver since Miley's atrocious VMA performance, the unlucky lady has been compared to everything from the creepy doll Angelica on Rugrats to a naked Hank Hill.

But the meme world just stepped up their game. Cyrus, who wore skin tight leathery nude underwear wedged up her butt during the Sunday night performance, is now being compared to an uncooked chicken!

Check out the close up of her booty side-by-side with the funky lookin' chicken butt! See a similarity?

Did the former Disney starlet bring all this negative attention upon herself? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think!


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    1. Guest says:

      Very rarely do thing actually make you LOL, but this was hilarious!!! I actually LOL’d!

      She made an ass out of herself with that performance. Did she choreographe it herself?? It’s was tacky, disrespectful to mrs. Thicke, and just stupid.

      Not sure why she’s sink to that level of antics? And people think Amanda Byrnes is the odd one!

    2. Charles Schwartz says:

      This makes me want to plan my Escape to Ecuador right now!

    3. Guest says:

      I thought the doll from Rugrats was called Cynthia? Angelica owns the doll haha.

    4. bey says:

      Justice for Chickens

    5. 143jeanne says:

      I saw a great animated cartoon of “this”..

    6. Abazaba says:

      She’s the reason we have middle fingers

    7. John Martin says:

      Shes weird. and such a pain the muff LOL

    8. GodsLittleBrother says:

      sit that down on my face and I’ll tell you if its chicken!

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