Miley Cyrus Can’t Stop Twerking

Posted on August 9th, 2013 at 3:46 pm


If you've been hearing the word "twerking" a lot lately -- you have Miley Cyrus to blame.

The pop star is not only a trend setter with her amazing vocals and daring fashions, but she popularized the new dance craze.

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Miley describes twerking as a dance with "a lot of booty."

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The former Disney star put on a unicorn onesie and first showed off her new dance in April.

 Then in June, the twerking queen took over a Juicy J concert when she came out on stage and started twerking.

And, it all culminated with the wacky 20-year-old featuring her dance in her new music video "We Can't Stop."

UPDATE: Kudos to our avid RumorFix readers who shared the history on twerking with us. The dance is obviously a various of several African American dances that have been around for decades. It also is very popular in strip clubs, but we stand corrected Miley did not invent it.

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    1. LondonReader says:

      amazing vocals?? Daring fashions?? Invented twerking??? Who wrote this article…Miley Cyrus herself?

    2. miley did not invent twerking says:

      actually, conan o’brien is the more likely culprit. his “twerk break” meme preceded miley’s example by several months. or maybe she got it from diplo whose collaboration with bounce artist nicky da b had hipsters everywhere ‘expressing themselves.’

      but the roots of twerking (also spelled ‘twurking’) go back to the late 1990s and new orleans bounce. atlanta contributed with crunk and the yin yang twins’ “whistle while you twurk” in the early ’00s.

      in other words, miley is way late to twerking. not the inventor of it. not even the first pop culture (as opposed to hip-hop or underground) reference to it.

    3. Richey Rich says:

      you guys sure did your homework on this one

    4. yae says:

      Invervented twerking? lol go back & watch hip hop videos over the last 20 years. Or just go in any club…

    5. freedskiordie says:

      No no no no no. Miley Cyrus did NOT invent twerking. Yae said it. Miley Did Not Invent Twerking said it. I’ll say it too… Twerking is a hip hop dance form, originally invented by BLACK PEOPLE. Miley has appropriated, and is getting inappropriate and undue attention for, twerking. I’m glad she feels good about herself, I’m glad she’s having fun, but credit where credit is due. Plus, if you’ve ever seen REAL twerking, you would know that what Miley does can hardly be called that. DO NOT WANT TO SEE THAT SKINNY HIND IN THOSE WHITE TIGHTS ANYMORE!!

    6. blackalaureate says:

      miley did not invent twerking at all. in the unicorn onsie video, she was doing the wop. she wasn’t even twerking.

      in this video, she wiggles her butt a little bit, but it’s no where near the real twerking that some women can do. look up “ms. twerksum” for a clue. she has been doing it way before miley and others have done it for longer in the clubs.

    7. Miley Did Not Invent Twerking says:

      Miley DID NOT invent twerking. Twerking is a dance style invented by AFRICANS (and was not actually invented in New Orleans, even though bounce music originates there. People were twerking outside of N. Orleans way before then) and can be found in many forms in the African Diasporic world. While this dance style is called twerking in the US, It is called whining or wukkuping in the West Indies, perriando in DR, and comes in many different names in Africa itself. Here is an article that touch up on (the REAL) history of twerking:

      With that being said, click here to enjoy some REAL twerking that was filmed WAY BEFORE all of those Miley videos. A group called the TWERK TEAM popularised it on Youtube. ENJOY!

    8. Mel says:

      This is what happens when white people appropriate our art forms. Remember when people were saying,’ what’s wrong if Miley does it’. Well people like who probably just did a quick google search and manages to fix his fingers to type that Miley invented the ‘dance craze’ when it’s literally been around before I’ve been born.

    9. JULIA says:


    10. this article is a lie says:

      Your update is bullshit. Correct your stupid article- Miley Cyrus didn’t invent twerking NOR did she popularize it. It is not at “new” dance craze (unless over 20 years is new). Stop trying to give so much credit to this chick who can’t even twerk. I think we all heard about twerking well before Miley Cyrus and her chicken legs tried.Once again, the African American community is shafted because giving credit to a white girl who thinks she can twerk is more important than recognizing the community who invented it AND popularized it.

    11. NO!! says:

      “The pop star is not only a trend setter with her amazing vocals and daring fashions, but she popularized the new dance craze.”
      –Is this a joke?? Is your half-assed attempt at an update a joke? A quick Google search would’ve given you a comprehensive, or at the very least a brief overview, of twerking and its various forms across the African Diaspora. It was and always has been popularized by *black* women and rap/hip hop culture (at least here in America). It’s a dance often performed by southern black female strippers (partic. in the Dallas and Atlanta areas) and it’s called ‘Booty Whop’ in New Orleans, where bounce music is popular… but it didn’t originate there.

      Twerking has been around for a *long* time and is performed under the myriad of regional/global names.

      In West Africa… Côte d’Ivoire specifically, it’s a traditional dance called Mapouka. In the Caribbean they call it “brukking”. In Brasil, Afro-Brazilians call it Popozudas.

      Please give credit where credit is (long over)due. I am so sick of white popstars culturally appropriating the artforms of PoC, especially since we get reamed and criticized for doing it, and taking credit for it WITH the help of the mainstream media. And not for nothing, but what Miley is attempting to do, hardly constitutes ‘twerking’. Please do your research next time Richard@rumorfix. In this digital age, where it’s so easy to access info, there’s no excuse for this shoddy fluff piece.

    12. blackalaureate says:

      richard: you changed one word (invent to popularize), but the article is still wrong.

      1. twerking is not a new dance craze.

      2. miley is not twerking in any of these videos. she is just popping her back.

      3. miley did not make twerking popular, like… not even a little bit. it was already popular – that’s how SHE heard about it. if anyone is to be credited for current popularity, it is the young ladies on the twerk team.

      if you really wanna be correct, you need to call it what it is and say that miley passed the word on to white mainstream america, even though she can’t quite do the movements.

      • jsokko says:

        “richard: you changed one word (invent to popularize), but the article is still wrong.”

        Well, blackalaureate, it’s not only still incorrect, but the “update” lingers beneath the so-called ‘information.’ Speaking of which, this is what it says in its current form:

        “The dance is obviously a various of several African American dances…”

        No. It is not “a various of” (i.e., a variety of) several dances. It is its own dance, period. Even after readers corrected him, and left links with far more accurate information, this is how his piece still reads.

        Ah well. I suppose anyone can slap their half-baked thoughts online— without research (or an editor’s glance, obviously)….

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