Loni Love: Justin Bieber Needs To Be Spanked

Posted on August 17th, 2013 at 11:19 am


The Real's Loni Love is known for her tough talk sprinkled with humor.

The author of Love Him Or Leave Him But Don't Get Stuck With The Tab has some word of advice for pop star Justin Bieber's parents or managers.

"Justin Bieber needs to be spanked," she says, "because he's been acting like a child. And when you're acting like a child, you need to be treated like a child."

And one more thing -- "Stop peeing in those buckets Justin," she says.

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    1. Roma Jenco says:

      Dear Loni,

      Learn when and how to leave something on the plate before you go handing out uninvited advice to someone you don’t know. You’ve got your issues girl.

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