Lamar Odom In Car Accident Just Days Before DUI

Posted on August 30th, 2013 at 2:41 pm

lamar3The Los Angeles Times revealed Friday in the wake of Lamar Odom's DUI arrest that the 33-year-old was the driver who caused a chain reaction collision between one of their reporters and another driver last Sunday.  That would have been during the 72-hour period the athlete allegedly "went missing" that led to a reported intervention by family and former team mates.

The crash wasn't reported to the police so there was no public record of it, but in an article published Friday afternoon the paper says that their reporter Adolfo Flores said his car was rear-ended by another vehicle hit by Odom's white Mercedes - the same one he was driving when he was arrested Friday morning.  The accident happened just off the 101 freeway - the same road he was weaving all over Friday morning - but further the freeway at an exit in Hollywood at around 6 p.m. in the evening.

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According to the Times:

"Flores said he got out of his car after the crash to exchange insurance information with the other drivers. When he asked Odom for his information, he said, the 6-foot-10 forward asked why he needed it. Flores said he told Odom he needed the information because they were in a car accident, to which Odom replied: 'It doesn't even look that bad.'

"Flores said his car and the car in the middle of the chain-reaction accident sustained moderate damage to their bumpers. Odom's car had damage near its driver's side headlight, Flores said, but it was not clear if the damage was from Sunday's accident.

"After Flores finished obtaining information from Odom's insurance form, he said he tried to hand it back to the basketball player three times, but he wouldn't take it. Flores said he then asked if Odom wanted him to keep the document.

'No, I need it to drive,' Odom said, before finally taking the form, Flores recalled."

And according to the Times, after exchanging their information, the three drivers went on their separate ways.

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    1. LadyJ says:

      OMG Lemar, somebody is trying to tell you something. You better listen and take heed. Were praying for you and your family. GOD BLESS

    2. Prayer works says:

      Khloe I know its hard but make your own decisions when it comes to you and your husband. Good luck and no one can say you didnt try to help him. Good luck and were praying for you both. God Bless

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