Kris Humphries Ex Myla Sinanaj: I Made $600,000 In One Day

Posted on August 12th, 2013 at 11:34 am

krishumphries62On the heels of Kris Humphries' sex tape with Myla Sinanaj, the Kim Kardashian knock-off is developing an arrogant persona faster than you can say "hump me Humphries."

Myla, real name Fatmire, took to her Facebook page recently to send a message to all her haters.

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The K.K. wannabe wrote, "If u dont like me or anything uve seen in the press about me unfollow me,,,,,,,no one is forcing you to follow and keep up with me but clearly you care enough to stalk my every move. hating aint gonna stop the checks i cash every week that are more than what most make a year. kiss my a** and worry about ur own life when u cash $600k checks in one day holla at me!!!"

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We have no other words. This speaks for itself.

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    1. Elisha says:

      She better hold on to that 600,000, hope she knows when the IRS is done with her dumb a** it will be 400,000 if that, that’s a shopping spree for most celebs, tricks like her don’t get it, that is no money, if she thinks that regular degreed people who work hard and build a career for themselves can’t bring home that kind of money she needs to think again, everyone doesn’t have to sell their fat disgusting p*ssy to live well, no one wants to see a fat, sloppy wh*re when they can go on oher sites and see women with decent bodies and good looks, she looks like a tranny and something needs to be done with that nasty mouth, supposed young girl like that looking like a 40 year old. Plain trash. She is talking about people stalking her? when she run around stalking Kim K? I see a restraining order in her future.

      • bellawings says:

        I thought it was just me. This girl has issues, for real. Like the nastiest twat I’ve ever seen. She is the dimmest lit wh0re in the brothel.

    2. Matthew518 says:

      Next to the dark hair, large breasts, and the jealous girls who hate both because of their beauty, I see nothing in common with Myla and Kim. Not sure why they are put together so much, other than dating the same loser who both are through with anyway.

      What has Myla actually done? Why do people hate her so much, next to the obvious jealousy? It’s a sad day when a woman is hot and others hate her for it, but yet an arrogant swine like Oprah is loved. She has a point, people who have nothing better to do with their lives than go online and bash a celebrity are sad, sad human beings. At least Myla has a life!

    3. useder says:

      have you seen it! omg she is so hot! really after i think i am her fan!

    4. Noreen Humpbrys says:

      It all started with Kim, everything else is a poor excuse. There is nothing better than the original

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